Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Way to Go Boys!

Well we knew it was all going to happen, and as of last night it became official.

For the first time in the Edmonton Oiler's history we will have the #1 pick in the NHL entry draft. After an embarrassing season we hoped this would happen. At least something would be salvaged out of the year.
There will be much debate between now and the draft over who the Oilers should take. And please god do not let them trade it away!!

The team needs to do a lot of rebuilding this year. We have a lot of old veterans that need to be moved to another team, and hopefully during the summer we can pick up some great players of high draft picks.

So here is to finishing the season in last place Edmonton! I guess there is no where to go but up next year... and hey at least we are not like Calgary. They too are going to miss the playoffs, but at least something good comes out of us missing them!

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