Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Dirty Thirty

Today is a big day, today is my big sisters 30th birthday! Although we may have only spent one birthday together in the last 12 years, I thought I would take moment to celebrate this milestone for her.

Many of you have come to know her has Crystal Cattle, Crystal Blin or the blonde lady with the camera in her hands. To me she has always been my big sister. As with most sisters we have had our differences, but she has always been there for me when needed.

We started out in the show ring together, piled the make-up and hair spray on for dance performances, and have been lucky enough to be each others Maid of Honor. Through our travels we have even found a way to "bring" each other along for the journey to NYC and Australia.

"Crystal" in the NYC subway

"Stacy" checking out the zoo
Over the last 30 years we have all been blessed to get to grow up and know Crystal. Things have changed a bit since 1985. Simmental heifers have gotten a little less leg and a bit more red. The clothes are a little less poofy and the hats a little lower.

Cyrstal's first show
Mom, Grandpa, Crystal & Dad
Regardless of how things have changed, we all want to wish you a great 30th birthday and many more memories in the next 30 years!