Monday, January 31, 2011

Ask Stacy Part 1

I have often been asked exactly how many scarves I own. I wear one pretty much everyday, and am constantly buying more. I am to the point now where I am getting multiple of the same color!

The other weekend I found a new spot for my scarves. It is easy to sort through them now, the only problem is that I am going to either have to stop buying them, or find another spot as these drawers are right full!

The zebra one in the back corner is one of my favorites. And yes there are 3 white ones. One is new, it was a Christmas gift, and the cream one was also a gift from Australia. There are a couple black ones as well...

The black and plaid one in the bottom corner is another favorite of mine. The most expensive one... would be the real Burrberry one in the top right corner. That baby set me back a few hundred dollars, but boy do I love it!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Red Carpet Round Up: 2011 SAG Awards The Rest

Jennifer Lawrence- Oscar de la Renta
Amber Riley- Anne Barge
Amy Adams-Hervé Leroux
Jane Krakowski- Badley Mischka
Julia Stiles
Julianna Margulies- Yves Saint Laurent
Kim Kardashian- Marchesa
Rosario Dawson- J. Mendel
Sarah Hyland- Max Mara

Red Carpet Round Up: 2011 SAG Awards Worst Dressed

Christina Hendricks- L'wren Scott
Eva Longoria- Georges Hobeika
Winona Ryder- Alberta Feretti
Hailee Steinfeld- Prada
Helena Bonham Carter
January Jones-Carolina Herrera
Jenna Ushkowitz- Badgley Miscka
Kate Mara
Julie Bowen

Red Carpet Round Up: 2011 SAG Awards Best Dressed

Heather Morris
Angie Harmon-Monique Lhuillier
Claire Danes- Louis Vuitton
Diane Argon-Chanel

Hilary Swank-Versace
Krya Sedgwick- Thierry Mugler
Lea Michele- Oscar de la Renta
Mila Kunis- Alexander McQueen
Natalie Portman-Azzaro
Nicole-Kidman- Nina Ricci
Sofia Vergara- Roberto Cavalli
Tina Fey

Friday, January 28, 2011


This week not only did I have to say good-bye to Ruffles, but we also said good-bye to our dog Kurt.

Mom wrote a great blog about Kurt and what he meant to our family. Make sure you check it out.

A funny little story that even our family sometimes forgets is that we have actually had 2 dogs named Kurt. The first was a pup that we had for about 2 weeks. He got a really deadly disease called Parvo and died. A few weeks later we got a replacement pup, also name him Kurt, and he had been with us ever since!

Thought I would share this picture with you. I took it last weekend when I was home.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time To Say Goodbye

This is definitely one of the hardest posts that I will ever write. And I am only writing it because both my mom and sister have wrote posts about this, but as good as they are, they just don't capture my true feelings.

Ruffles has been many things to be over the last 11 years. She has been my 4-H project, summer show companion, helped me win a Supreme Showmanship award, a great producer, the backbone of my herd, my favorite cow, and my best friend. I loved Ruffles as much as other people love their dogs.

I got Ruffles out of the Checkers sale as a heifer calf. She was the high selling red heifer that year, and came from a great family, the Hadways. The kids had already nicknamed the heifer Ruffles, and it just stuck. That year she also became my 4-H heifer, and we never looked back.

With Ruffles we won countless 4-H awards, showmanship classes, and just had a good time in the 3 years that I got to show her. There was something about her that really made her special, and it wasn't just her conformation.

After her show career was done it was time for her to be like every other cow on the farm. Her job was to produce a calf each year, hopefully of high quality. The bulls would be marketed and sold, and the females would either get sold or remain in the herd. She knew her job, and she did it well. When I bought Ruffles, she was a $3000.00 investment. In the end she made me well over $15,000.00 and left me 3 daughters in the herd. You can't ask much more of a cow then that.

Today Ruffles got on the truck to go to town. This time she would not be returning. It is part of the cattle industry, and with Ruffles only having 1 calf in the last 3 years, it was just not cost effective to keep her around anymore. She leaves behind 3 daughters in my herd to take over her legacy, with her last calf being born being one of the best ones she had ever raised.

Going to the farm will be hard this weekend. It will be sad to walk out into the cows and not see her there. We lost our lead cow, and sometimes the most stubborn cow. But no matter what anyone says she was part of the family. Even though he probably will not admit to it, I am sure even dad loved Ruffles some.

So this is good-bye to my good friend. I will always miss you and never will forget you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Item of the Week #15

Well as you know I love not only fashion, but pretty much any kind of design. That is why when I seen this bed a few months ago I was in love.

It combines my love of the farm, with sleek modern contemporary lines. It comes from a company called Designlush, and I wish that it was in my house right now!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What to Wear: Job Interview

I am starting a new segment on the blog called What to Wear. This segment is inspired by a book that my sister gave me for Christmas. I started reading it last night and thought that I could put a great spin on the chapters to share will all of you!

The book breaks down different daily situations, and how you should dress for them. The first chapter is all about how to dress for a job interview!

The main points that I picked out are:
  • Look professional and put together
  • Dress appropriate for the job.
  • It is great to wear a watch. This shows that you are on time
  • Color is ok. Don't always just wear a boring black suit
  • Leave your giant monogrammed purses at home. No one likes a show off, and are you really going to need everything in that giant purse?
  • Leave the open toe shoes at home. In most work places open toe shoes are a safety hazard and are frowned upon.
This is the outfit that I came up with. I think that it is a fun approach to a tailored black suit.

Job Interview

Shirt- Tricot
Blazer- MCQ
Pants- Gap
Shoes- Christian Louboutin
Purse- Michael Michael Kors

Christmas Gifts

Well now that Denver is over it is time to catch up on some posts that I promised you. Two of the neatest Christmas gifts that I got this year were both very creative

My sister made this frame thing for me. Not sure exactly what you would call it. But it is really neat. It is now hung in out kitchen and shows all of the postcards we have received at our place.

Another neat gift that I got was this pillow. Although it will always be a decor piece and not actually used, I really love it. The pillow is made of my Grandpa Howard's chaps. My Grandpa Howard passed away this summer, so it is great to have a token of his in my house. A really neat gift from my parents.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Denver Stock Show 2011- Simmental Female Show Results

Well the Simmental show wrapped up in Denver today. It is to bad that most people think that Denver ends on Sunday, when there is still breed shows, and the Jr Market Steer show happening this week.

Remington Cattle Company was the lone Canadian's exhibiting cattle today. They represented the Canadian Simmental cattle well yet again. Although we had no class winners, we can definitely be proud.

A big congratulations to Jake Bloomberg as well. He not only had Champion Female in the Jr Show, but also in the Open show!
Champion Simmental Female- Jake Bloomberg

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Denver Stock Show 2011- Simmental Bull Show Results

Well finally after a week of Denver happening the Simmental show finally started. Today the Juniors and Bulls showed, with the Females showing tomorrow.

Both Harvie Ranching and Remington Cattle Company were taking part in the bull show today. Although not huge numbers were in the bull show, they quality was strong as ever.

I was excited to see the Mr Hoc Broker bull do well, as he is a 3/4 brother to our heifer Elegant Force.

Congratulations to the Canadian's on another great show, and good luck tomorrow in the ever tough female show.
MR HOC Broker- Res. Champion Bull
Harvie JDF Wallbanger 111X- 2nd in Class


Denver Stock Show 2011- Simmental Sale Results

Well it was another great sale in Denver last night as it was the Simmental's time to shine. It must have been a full house last night because they ran out of sale catalogs! The sale averaged $8581 in a great set of cattle. Congradulations to all the buyers and sellers.

Donation Lot
10500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

Jr. T-Shirt
3500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

1 19000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

2 15000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

3 20000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

4 13000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

5 7500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

6 800.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

6a800.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

7 2000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

7a2000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

8 500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

9 8000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

10a1300.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

11 20000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

12 4000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

13 11000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

14a7750.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

15 9000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

16 2500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

17 9000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

17a1400.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

18 7500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

19 8500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

20 1250.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

21 6500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

22 5000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

23 4500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

24 4500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

25 3750.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

26 5000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

26a950.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

28 3000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

29 11000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

30 10000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

31 11000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

31a11000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

32 15000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

33 4500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

34 1800.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

35 4000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

36 2750.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

37 4250.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

38 8500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

39 3250.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

40 6250.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

41 4750.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

42 3000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

43 5500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

44 7250.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

45 8500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

45a7500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

46 4500.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

47 65000.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

49a4750.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

50 2250.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

51 8250.00 NWSS - Simmental Sale

52 4100.00

Monday, January 17, 2011

Denver Stock Show 2011- Club Calf Bulls

The most talked about part of Denver has to be the Club Calf Bulls that come to be displayed. For the next couple years these bulls will be debated about what one was the best, who has went on to produce the best, and what one is the next great one. 

Whether you are a part of the club calf industry or not, they are always fun to look at. The hours that go into getting these bulls ready is unreal.  

Here is a sample of the bulls that were in the yards this year.

Believe In Me
Damage Control
Easy Rider
Fast Freddy
Game Plan
Heater from Van Meter
Just One Look
Long Time Coming
Man Up
Master of Puppets
Night Train
Power and Balance
Smoking Hottie