Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Delta Style

In our hotel we have a pretty great sense of community and have a lot of fun along the way. One thing that we do each year is a pumpkin carving competition. Each department gets 1 pumpkin that they get to carve. The guests in the hotel then have 3 days to vote on which one they think is the best entry.

It is a great way to get our guests involved and for all of us to have a little bit of fun! I am a huge Halloween fan so this is right up my ally.

Here are a couple pictures that I snapped of a few of the entries!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ferrini Boots

After and extremely long time I have finally found a boot company that I like! Ferrini boots have taken me by surprise and made me realize that there are still nice boots out there that I like.

I am really wanting a pair of black boots, but this first pair caught my eye too!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

National Trust 2010

Over the weekend was in Olds at the National Trust Simmental Sale. The event is always a highlight in the Simmental breed, being one of the highest averaging sales in the fall.

Each year I head to the sale to do all of the decorating. It is amazing how a few extra touches can turn an empty sale barn into a really cool venue.

I was only able to take a few pictures, but as soon as I get the rest I will be sure to post some more. For full sale results head over to Transcon Livestock

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just What Do You Do?

I had this question asked to me many times this weekend. Some people thought I worked in the fashion business, some thought I was still in college, and others knew I did something in the event world but just not sure what!

My official job title is Conference Service Manager for the Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel. This basically means that I am an event planner for the hotel. I work with everyone that is non corporate, so government, social groups, weddings, etc.

My day to day job includes helping meeting planners with their events that are held at the hotel. This means finding them space, guest rooms, going through meals and decorations, and everything else inbetween. I then work with the different departments in the hotel to make sure that every event runs smoothly.

Sounds pretty easy, but some days we will have 7 or 8 events happening. So that makes it close to 20-30 events just in 1 week when it is busy. There definitely is no shortage of work in our peak seasons!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh Monday...

This is what I was looking at while driving into work this morning....

It was not a nice sight and the traffic being backed up didn't help either!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feastival of Fine Chefs

I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I was able to attend the Feastival of Fine Chefs in Edmonton. This was a really cool event that was a lot of fun to go to.

Feastival is put on by the Alberta Food Processors Association. It is an event that helps bring attention to the quality of produce and goods that are grown in Alberta, the quality of fine chefs and food that is created in Edmonton, as well as helping the Alberta Food Processors bring some attention to their programs.

There are over 1200 people that attend this event each year, and a huge waiting list to get in. This is the reason why everyone wants to go....

These were 2 of the 4 courses that my hotel, the Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel had at the event. We were lucky enough to have a table and bring some clients and friends along for the evening!

Each hotel or restaurant is given a box of ingredients that they have to use for each of the 4 courses of the eventing. These could range from Alberta Beef and Elk, to Alberta grown apples and squash. The chefs then have 1 week to create and perfect their dishes.

 Throughout the night the guests get to eat 1 course from 4 different hotels or restaurants in the city. I was lucky enough to get 4 amazing meals! I do have to say though that they best food that our table got came from the Delta Edmonton Centre each time! So that made us pretty proud.

If you ever get the chance to attend this event I would say to take that opportunity. It is a really fun night filled with great people and amazing food. And who knows you may just find your new favorite restaurant while you are at it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

90's Flash Back!

I went for a stroll in the mall last night, and was shocked to find these in a very respectable store.

Stirrup Pants!

I am all sure that we had a pair of these in the 90's. I remember having a black and a pink pair.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 Paris Fashion Week- Top 10

Paris Fashion Week is one of my favorites with New York. They are the two shows where all the big players come out. New York is filled with beautiful gowns, and Paris is full of French fashion! Here are my top 10 looks from the 2011 Spring/Summer Paris shows.

Talbot Runhof
Paul & Joe
Paul & Joe
Alexander McQueen
Miu Miu
Talbot Runhof
Paul & Joe
Paul & Joe
Elie Saab

Monday, October 11, 2010

Item of the Week #9

Ok so I have officially fell in love with another pair of shoes. These ones are so amazingly awesome that they are to good for words.

Meet the Yves Saint Laurent Palais Mohawk Shoes

They are currently available at Net-A-Porter for only $935.00 USD

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coolest Credit Card Around

I was flipping through my regular websites today. I came across a link for the Angus Credit Card. I was not needing a credit card, but thought I would take a look just because.

I was so glad I did because this is what I found.

The middle and right pictures are ones that my sister took! How cool would that be to have a credit card that thousands of people use daily have a picture you took on it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 Olds Fall Classic

This past weekend I was at the Olds Fall Classic show. This was my one weekend away from the farm while my family is away. My sister didn't think that I would be able to go. For some reason she didn't think that I would be able to drive a truck and trailer by myself on a major highway.

I thought I did pretty good at the show. I got the cattle clipped by myself, and with some help from a friend we got them fit and shown last Friday. I took our bull Revolution as well as my heifer calf Sweet Thing.

The show was a little disappointing. My heifer calf didn't do great in the show, and our bull was Reserve Sr Champion. Still not a terrible day. My sister has my camera with her in Australia, so I am without pictures.

Our next show is Brandon, and I am still trying to convince the family that I need to go out to it. Hopefully I will make it out and will have some pictures to share with you then.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Item of the Week #8

Who does not love a good pair of jeans. I am the type of person that when I find a good pair of jeans I buy 5 pairs of them.

I had been looking for new jeans last week and wanted to try on some Miss Me jeans. I had seen lots of people wear them and they are always really cool.

Here is another pair that I really like. Maybe these will be the next ones I buy.

Miss Me Jeans

Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 Milian Fashion Week- Top 10

I love Milan fashion week. It is one of my favorite as it mixes the high fashion on Europe without going over the top like some Paris fashion can.

Here are my top 10 looks from this years Milan Spring/Summer fashion week.

Gianfranco Ferré
Gianfranco Ferré
Gianfranco Ferré
Emilio Pucci

Which are your favorites?