Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time to Share

So I thought that I would take the time to share with you some websites, blogs, and pictures that I was really loving. I am going to try to do this every Wednesday. Something midweek for everyone to look forward to!

This week I am going to feature a website that I jump onto at least once everyday. Just Jared is a website that is dedicated to Pop Culture, whether it is fashion, celebrities, TV shows, movies and so much more.

Unlike most websites of this type, it is not judgemental, trashy, or prying into peoples lives. In fact it is a website that many celebrities themselves follow.

For those of you that are wanting to take a look jump onto and see what it is all about.


Over the last few days I have come to the realization that everyone should... Settling is not necessary!

Although we all know this, we often find ourselves saying that this is good enough, or will do. However, I think that it is really discouraging to see people like this.

No matter if it is a relationship, a job, a house, or even an outfit, there is no reason why each of us do not deserve the very best that we can have.

This weekend I was reminded of that, and seen some areas in my life that I had settled on. I hope that this is a "wake-up call" for all of you, and that you make sure that you are getting the very best you can. Because all of us deserve it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Farm On

I was doing a little catching up, and ventured onto the website. This website is dedicated to the educations, development, and sustainability of the agriculture industry. They are doing an excellent job in promoting agriculture and helping people new and current in the industry thrive.

Below is one of many videos that have been made, and I encourage yourself to watch this, and many more of their videos to educate yourself more about the current state of agriculture, and where it is going

Monday, September 28, 2009


I would like to send out a huge congrats to my sister! She has just passed the 100 post mark with her blog.

I really enjoy reading her opinions on the agriculture industry, and the work that she has been doing with the American Angus Association.

I would encourage everyone to checkout her blog, I know it is one of the first sites that I visit each day

The Search Continues

So it has been almost a month now that I have been looking for a new job. There are so few jobs out there in general, but especially in the field that I am looking to get into.

Today I was able to find 4 new jobs that had been posted that peaked my interest. I have already heard back from 1 of them... so hopefully something great comes from this.

Hope that all of you had a great weekend, and if anyone knows of any jobs/contracts withing the Event or Agriculture industries I would love to hear about them!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Restock Time

So a couple of weeks ago, it was time for me to get a new computer. The one I had before had stopped working, and it was time to make the purchase.

I have been trying to repopulate my computer with my pictures and music, as well as the programs I regularly use.

This is where I would like all of you to come in and help. I am a huge music fan, and listen to pretty much everything. It is so difficult to think of all the great songs, and your favorite songs. Please leave a note with some of your favorite songs and artists. I can't wait to hear all of your suggestions!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Show String

This fall we made the decision that we would not be taking anything out that we would not be selling. As a result our show string is quite small. We will only be taking our new herd sire out.

After the "fun" of picturing cattle this weekend, we got a great picture of Revolution. He is a Crocket son out of 3-D Simmentals and Labatte Simmentals donor cow. We have high hopes for him, and are excited for his first calf crop to come. Between our partners and ourselves, we will have about 35 calves coming.

For more information on this herd sire, as well as other High Country herd sires please visit

Sale Cattle

So I have the final picture of our sale consignments. This year we had the best set of heifer calves we ever have, and have decided to keep most of them. It seems cheaper to keep the good ones you have then to try to buy one of the same quality!

This heifer calf will be selling at the Farmfair Simmental sale. She is an On Target out of a Cosmo daughter that was bought from Mader Ranches at the 2008 Checkers sale.For more detail on this heifer and other sale consignments please visit our website at

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Go Oil Go!

Tonight is the season opener for the Edmonton Oilers. After what has seemed like forever of waiting tonight it will all be over.

We have went through an off season of changes, finally firing our terrible coach and having a new stellar coaching staff take his place. We also have a new goalie to back out team, as well as a team that is full of youth and energy.

Hopefully this will be the year that we can replay the 2006 cup run, this time going all the way! Good luck to the team this year, we are anxiously awaiting to see what happens.

And So It Begins...

Over the last few weeks everyone has started to share their sale cattle for the upcoming sale season. With sale catalogues coming out, and the shows coming up quickly it brings a sence of excitement to the air.

I thought that I would share with you one of our sale lots for this upcoming fall sale season. She will be selling at the National Trust Sale in Olds on October 25, 2009. For more details please see


Monday, September 14, 2009

Its Time to Stand Up

The last few weeks I have been reading my sisters blog, and the issues that she is faced with daily. Most of those are coming from people and their view on the agriculture industry.

I have no problem with people expressing their opinions, and sharing it with others. However, I get annoyed when people express an uneducated opinion, or try and use facts that are extremely slanted and untrue.

Tonight as I was channel surfing for something to watch after supper I came across an episode of The Simpson's. I am not an avid watcher of this show, however, this one caught my eye as they were talking about 4-H and State Fair.

Bart had joined 4-H and was getting a steer calf ready to show at State Fair. It was really cute to see them work with their calves, having them do push-ups to gain muscle, brushing, and even sleeping with their calves the night before the show!

As the episode progressed it showed Bart having to part with this calf, as he went to a feedlot and eventually a slaughter plant. The fate of all steers. However, this is where the episode really went downhill.

The feedlot showed cattle that were so fat they were unable to move, stacked up 5 high and full of steroids. At one point it even showed Bart touching the steer and growing a mass of hair on his arm from the steroids.

This whole last half of the episode really bothers me as this is the impression that people get of what agriculture is. They do not take the time to learn the realities of what goes on, and the reason why things are done.

Lately it seems like there has been lots of negative publicity for agriculture, and more of it coming all the time. As people involved in the industry we need to start to defend what we do, otherwise we will be without a job soon. This uneducated and slanted point of view is in the public way to much, and we need to start standing up.

I encourage everyone to stand up for that they believe in and share their story with someone this week. The more we can do to get the accurate message out the better!

The Countdown Begins

As many of you know, I am a huge MJ fan. If you are able to look past all of the controversy in his all to short lifetime, he was hands down the best artist that music has ever seen.

Last night during the MTV VMA's the first trailer for MJ's movie was released. This is a compilation of footage from his upcoming tour rehearsals.

The movie is released on October 28th for 2 weeks only. I know that I will be going once if not more to see this. I truly think that it will be one of my personal favorite films ever!

Take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Movie Reviews

So I know I have been away for the last few weeks. But I have lots to catch everyone up on. I have had a lot of changes in my life, all what I think will be for the better, but like I said, more to come on that.

I have always been a huge movie fan. I tend to get to 2-3 movies a month, plus those that I will rent or watch online. Over the last 10 days I have seen 3 new movies and throughout that I would start offering my 2 cents on the movies I watch.

The Ugly Truth

One evening while out at the farm, my mom wanted to go watch this movie, so my mom, dad and I all came into the city to watch this film. Probably the first time that we had done that in over 5 or 6 years!

Anyways, I was really excited to see this movie. I had seen lots of previews for it, and always thought that it looked good, not great though. I am not a Katherine Heigl fan. I feel that she is a decent actress, but is such a diva, and does not have the talent to pull being a diva off.

Aside from the people in the film, I found the movie to be really funny. Much funnier then I expected. There are a few scenes that really are burst out laughing scenes. The movie had a great, although predictable plot line, and overall it is a really good easy watching film.

Inglorious Bastards

Monday night I went with a friend to watch the much anticipated Inglorious Bastards. I am not a Quentin Tarantino fan. I have never seen one of his films, mainly because none of them interest me. However, this one was different.

I really enjoy war movies, as long as they are not to dry, and as with all women, I enjoy Brad Pitt. This was another movie that I was pleasantly surprised by.

If you can watch through the gore and gruesome scenes, this movie is not only entertaining, but also has some really good humour in it. Some may hate this movie, as you read subtitles about 1/2 of the time, but trust me its worth it.

This movie has a great plot line, is entertaining, and keeps you entertained till the very end. I will warn you that it is quite long in length, but worth every moment.

I Love You Man

So I know this movie is a little old now, but I had never seen it. A good friend came over and we rented it as something to do tonight.

This movie has tons of laughs and again although predictable, it was a great plot, and just a easy watch. This is the type of movie you could watch over and never get tired of.

As a women, it gives you a funny incite to what guys are like when we are not around. I can truthfully say that I don't understand it all, but hey at least it is good comedy...