Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time to Share #13

This weeks Time to Share I am going to feature another blog that is a favorite of mine.

My sister Crystal has a great blog that covers a variety of topics. One day she will be talking about the great cowboy boots that she found, and the next about her outing at a K-State football game.

Take a look at it for some pretty good reads.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Time to Share #12

This weeks Time to Share we are going to feature a website/blog that I love. It falls in with my love of fashion and clothing.

Red Carpet Fashion Awards is based out of London. This woman has made a career of critiquing fashion choices, knowing all of the latest designers and shopping. Sounds like a pretty great job to me!

This week they are profiling the best of 2009. There are some pretty neat polls that are going on. Take a look for yourself, and maybe something will inspire an outfit for your next outing!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Gifts are Wrapped...

I spent the last 2 days wrapping the Christmas gifts that I have bought. I am not the usual gift wrapper. I hate the usual boring and ugly Santa or candy cane wrapping paper.

Last year I spent far to much money on just the wrapping paper and ribbon, so I toned it down this year. My roommate always laughs at me because you can say that my gifts don't really look "Christmasy".
Personally I think they look great! And I even tried to get a little in the Christmas spirit by using red paper and white ribbon.... that's close as it's going to get. My personal favorite is the silver paper with pink zebra striped ribbon... now tell me that doesn't give you some Christmas cheer!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Countdown

One year when my sister and I were little girls, my mom made us homemade Advent calendars. She worked hard cross stitching and sewing these so that we would have them for each Christmas.
This is my calendar that hangs in my house each December

After Halloween each year we have an elf named Peek that comes to live in our clock. He would keep track to see if Crystal and I were being good little girls and report back to Santa. On Nov 30 he would fill our Advent calendars, and the countdown to Christmas would be on!

Each day we get to open a bag. Some days there is a little gift to open, other days there may be a chocolate, and sometimes an alphabet letter. When you get a letter, you have to keep it in a safe place and on December 24th you have to try to figure out what the word is- I was never a fan of these ones, I could never figure it out...

On December 24th we would write a letter to Peek and Santa. When Santa delivered presents on Christmas Eve (because we were always good kids) Peek would travel back to the North Pole with Santa until next year.

This tradition has stayed with us over the years. Peek now travels between Edmonton and St Joe to visit us girls. He has even went hi-tech using email to send us letters.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the Road Again

Monday afternoon my dad strongly suggested that I should travel down to Remington's sale. He wanted me to see some old friends and see how the sale went.

I stayed in Lethbridge Tuesday night, and got to catch up with some friends. On my way home today I did the slow trip home. I got to stop and see some really cool stores along the way. Watch the Copper West blog for those stories.

It was great to get back into southern Alberta. I hadn't been back for over 2 years, and forgot how much i missed the drive. From Lethbridge to Carstairs is so pretty on a clear day.

These are some of the pictures that I took along the drive.
Beautiful houses by my grandparents

View from Highwood Auction Mart
Beautiful mountain viewsThe Alberta Beef sign at Red Deer

Time to Share #11

The time has come for me to share some more of my favorite things. This post is going to take another switch.

This week I got to venture down to southern Alberta. I went to school in Lethbridge, and have not been back since i graduated 2 1/2 yrs ago. It was great to go back, catch up with some old friends and see what had changed in the city.

This week I am going to profile my Top Ten List of things in Lethbridge! Hope you enjoy and hopefully all of these places are still in business.

10. The Christmas light displays. There are some amazing displays come winter time
9. U of L- I think that this is one of the coolest schools I have seen. The University is built
into the ravine. And a fun fact- it is the same size as Noah's Arc would have been!
8. The view- Looking to the west side there are beautiful views, with great trails!
7. 2 Guys Pizza- This is hands down the best pizza I have ever had
6. Catwalk- This salon is amazing! Definitely worth the price
5. U of L Dance Team- I had a great year dancing with these girls!
4. Wing Nights- Lethbridge has 3 great places fro wings- Blarney Stone and Average Joe's
3. Ric's Grill- Not only is this a great restaurant, but with it up in the old water tower makes it
so much better
2. The smells- I know it sounds funny but I love the way the city and surrounding area smells.
It is a mix of silage in the winter, and a farm in the spring.
1. The weather- I loved how in the winter there was just enough snow to keep the ground
white, and the cold temperatures were there only a few days. Summer had arrived by
mid March! Nothing wrong with that

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Things I Love

So I have always had a dream to have a house that was black, white, and grey with a few different accents throughout.

I found this dresser in Bombay tonight and absolutely fell in love with it. It is almost $1000 regularly, but is now down to about $450! Hint Hint if anyone wants to buy it for me.

I can only dream of having a dresser like this one day. The top 2 drawers have jewelry sections already built in, and the rest is ready for other storage.

Time to Share #10

This week again we will take another turn in what I feature.

I love to shop, this is no surprise. What may come as a surprise is that this year for Christmas, I have no idea what I want... Shocking I know!

Tonight I did a little bit of browsing so that I could come up with some ideas. I went into one store that I love, and it officially became my favorite home store.

Urban Barn is a upscale, contemporary, home store. It has everything from major furniture to kitchen accessories. Tonight I fell in love with 2 pieces there. There was a mirrored coffee table, and a mirrored hall table (pictured below). One day I would love to have both of these in my house, if only they had a little bit lower price tags.
Below are some of my other favorite pieces from the store. Happy Shopping!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tricks of the Trade

For the past few years at Agribition Kirk Stierwalt has came up and done a demo about clipping. I have only been able to catch a few minutes of this each year, usually during a break to grab some breakfast.

I think that it is great that Agribition brings him up here to help teach and educate the youth as well as long time breeders. This year there were about 50 people watching when I stopped in.
Clipping has always been something that I have lacked skills in when it comes to showing. I am more then capable to halter break, work hair, and when I want fit. I can rough cattle out, and definitely shave out a head or a front end, but when it comes to clipping cattle for a show, my skills are lacking.

This winter I am going to try to get some heifers in and clip them out. We have 3 or 4 in the pen that are halter broke so they will get to be guinea pigs! There is a Stierwalt clinic that is coming to Saskatoon next October, and I am going to try to get there and go to the clinic. Until then, it will be play time with the heifers this winter!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Every December one of my favorite specials comes on TV. No its not a sappy Christmas movie, or anything along those lines, but instead it is one of the sexiest and funnest shows to watch.... The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

This show is a highlight for me every year. It is a combination of the atmosphere that they create, the beautiful models and the amazing pieces that they send down the runway.

This year was quite a bit different as usually they have a very long runway to walk down. This year, they revamped their stage into a V... for obvious reasons. They also had great musical acts including the Black Eyed Peas.
Below are some of my favorite pieces that came down the runway. I could only dream of the rush you would get from putting on a 3 Million dollar bra, or a set of angel wings. It is no wonder these women feel sexy and powerful!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time to Share #9

This week I want to go back to featuring one of my favorite websites. is a members only website that has discount hotels for its members. Each week there are 3-4 hotel or resorts that have rooms at severely discounted rates. Most cases you are looking at 40-60% off!Now these hotels are not just your regular Ramada or Holiday Inn, but some of the most exclusive and high end hotels around the world. Many are in the US, however, there are also occasional destinations to Thailand, Jordan, France, and Mexico.

While most of us are not able to afford these hotels during our holidays, with the discounted prices, most of them become the same rate that you would pay at a much lower class hotel. And even if we do not stay at some of these amazing destinations at least it keeps us dreaming of a wonderful escape during the winter months!