Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time to Share #17

As promised Time to Share is back. This week I really I want to feature one of my favorite blogs to read.

Tiffany is a friend of my sisters. I have never met her, but found her blog through Crystal's. Tiffany always has lots of great agriculture blogs. It is funny how much we have in common, or like the same things. I have often went onto her blog and found a post about something that I have been thinking about posting about.

Maybe one day Tiffany's and my paths will cross. Until then I will enjoy reading her blog and learning more about her.

Check out Tiffany's blog


Tiffany said...

Thanks, Stacy! I've never been the subject of a blog before....I'm excited! Maybe I'll get some new followers....I'm stuck on 23!

Crystal Young said...

You both do a great job on your blogs! Keep up the good work girls.