Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Way to Go Boys!

Well we knew it was all going to happen, and as of last night it became official.

For the first time in the Edmonton Oiler's history we will have the #1 pick in the NHL entry draft. After an embarrassing season we hoped this would happen. At least something would be salvaged out of the year.
There will be much debate between now and the draft over who the Oilers should take. And please god do not let them trade it away!!

The team needs to do a lot of rebuilding this year. We have a lot of old veterans that need to be moved to another team, and hopefully during the summer we can pick up some great players of high draft picks.

So here is to finishing the season in last place Edmonton! I guess there is no where to go but up next year... and hey at least we are not like Calgary. They too are going to miss the playoffs, but at least something good comes out of us missing them!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time to Share #21

This weeks Time to Share is taking a different spin. I want to talk a little bit about where I find inspiration for my life.When it comes to clothes and dressing there is one style icon that I turn to... Victoria Beckham. To me Victoria has the best style of anyone in Hollywood. It is a mix of high end dressing with the occasional dressed down look.My love of Victoria Beckham started when she was a Spice Girl. In the early 90's she rocked a sophisticated style that none of the other girls had. In there come back tour, she kept her Posh style with a new haircut and some glamorous looks.
She can go from looking extremely glamorous on the red carpet to flying over seas in a comfortable and casual style, without looking like a slob. I really admire this about her.
I also am a huge fan of her hair. One of my favorite looks has to be the sever angle bob that she had a couple of years ago. I think this cut looked great on her, and even cut mine like that.
Recently, Victoria has become a major fashion designer. She started with a denim line, and now has grown to a full collection every spring and fall. I have pulled a few of my favorite looks that she has designed the last couple of years.

Barbie Does it Again!

For many of young girls Barbie was a fun toy that they played with then they were young. For me Barbie is pretty much my idol. I mean who doesn't want a pink corvette, a cool younger sister named Stacy (ok it is spelled Stacie, but still), a dream house, horses, and endless outfits.

This week I found my new favorite Barbie's. These collector edition dolls retail for $150.00 each and come with 1 doll and 6 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, along with the corresponding boxes and bags. Truly any girl who loves shoes dream! If only they were that price for my size!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Breeding Season

It is that time of year again! Calving is over, or we have stopped checking anyways, and it is time to start breeding cows again.

I have always loved breeding season. The calves are old enough to see if the sires you used last year worked or not, and you get to plan out next years calf crop.

For the last few of years breeding has been a lot easier for us. Before we used to AI every cow on the farm! We never had enough cows to run bulls with our cows. This meant waking up before school to help dad AI cows in the morning, or late at night depending on when the cows were in heat.

AI is a process where frozen semen is thawed and used to breed a cows. A human used a long stainless steel gun to hold the semen. You then insert your arm into the cow, find the right spot and inject the cow with the semen. The process is really not that difficult and we can usually get conception rates upwards of 80%. It is very similar to a semen bank for humans.

Another way that we breed cows is using embryo transfer work. We select some of our best cows and flush them. Again this process is the same as invetro with humans. The difference is that the eggs are extracted out of the really good cow and can either be frozen for later use, or transplanted into a surrogate mother that is the recipe cow.

The final way that we breed our cows is the natural way with a bull. This year we will have 4 different bulls that will run with out cows. Talladega, Revolution, Red Man, and Cool Venture. We share Talladega and Revolution with our partners Beechinor Bros. and Cool Venture with Reich Farms. Being able to partner with people when buying bulls has allowed us to purchase some bulls that we would not be able to afford on our own.

For the next few months we will be busy breeding cows. Once the cows go to pasture it is the responsibility of the bulls to make sure that the cows are bred. We try to have all of our calves born within a 2 month period. So the next few week will be busy to say the least!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures. I was planning on taking some this weekend as we were AI cows, but do to a lack of lights in the barn situation, it just wasn't going to work)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun Finds

I figured this was a great way to end a long week. Happy Friday everyone!
What a Cute way to wake up in the morning!
Wonderful way to store your shoes. Except for the really beautiful ones of course!

Seems like a great idea until your fingers pop through and knock a drink over

Who needs Penis straws. These are way more fun!

Bags, Bags, Bags

Last week it was all about great shoes. This week it is all about amazing bags!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

What girl does not love shoes! While taking a little down time at work today, I stumbled across some beautiful pairs of shoes that I thought I would share. After all good shoes do not need to be kept in a closet!

Time to Share #20

Wow, it seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I started Time to Share.. and now we are already on #20!

This week I want to feature another of my favorite blogs to read. Although this is another agriculture blog, it is very different from anything that we get in Canada. Sure there are stories or breeding, showing, flushing, and the fun that goes down on the farm, but this blog has a very different twist.

Luke and Catherine live in Texas and have a very successful Shorthorn and Brahman herd of cattle. In Canada we do not have very many "American" or eared breeds of cattle.

One of my favorite things about their blog is the pictures!! Both Luke and Catherine are excellent photographers and take pictures of everything that they do! They also give you a little insight into their days while keeping it light and pretty funny.

Check out their blog for a great read and to see some really cool pictures!

PS. A little background story. About 2 years ago Luke won a trip to come to Canada and the Calgary Stampede. Our family, and extended family showed Luke around for the time that he was here. He kept telling us stories of the ranch in Texas, but we never really got it. We don't have eared cattle here, so the mental visualization just was not there. It is great to now be able to see exactly what Luke was talking about!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yes something that we all fall guilty to once and a while, but do we really understand what we are doing?

Today I had someone tell me a few rumors and gossip that had been going on about me. Not only did it hurt our friendship, as he took the rumors side over me, but it really hurt to know that some people actually think that about you.

Today I want to share a few tips with everyone to help prevent rumors.
  1. Just because a girl and guy hang out does not mean they are sleeping together or want to. We can just be friends, and that is completely normal
  2. Just because a boy sleeps at a girls house does not mean that they hooked up. Many houses have multiple beds and couches that make great sleeping surfaces
  3. If you are good friends with someone and they tell you that something is not true, chances are they are not lying. In my books friends don't lie to one another.
  4. Karma is a bitch, remember that when you are starting or spreading rumors
  5. Just because you "think" you know someone does not mean that you really know someone. Next time the the few minutes to try to get to know someone before you just to conclusions that can really hurt someone else
Hope there help or reinforce a few what i would think are common sense ideas.

Monday, March 22, 2010


No this is not a blog about ruffles on clothing, this is a post about one of my favorite things in the world... my cows Ruffles.

We bought Ruffles in 2001 at the Checkers sale in December. I used her as my 4-H project for 3 years, and the whole time we were best friends. She was the animal I showed when I became Supreme show person at YCS, she put me through college, and is always there when you want to see a friendly face.
Ruffles real name is WFL Miss Westway 669K. The Hadway kids named Ruffles before I got her, and the name just kinda stuck. Since buying Ruffles I have been able to sell 2 of her bull calves at Checkers, and we have 3 of her daughters currently producing in the herd. This year she has our best Revolution heifer calf that is looking pretty sweet!

The day that Ruffles is no longer at the farm will be a pretty sad day. Last year she did not have a calf, but there was no way that I would part with her! She is my baby and she knows it. Ruffles and dad do not get along very well, I personally think its because he doesn't give her kisses like I do, and he kicks her in the head for no good reason....

Friday, March 19, 2010

May You Wish Upon A Star

I have a love of stars. I always have. They are one of the few things that I can draw, I love looking at them in the sky, and they are even part of my tattoo.

When I seen this dress at New York fashion week I almost died. If it was not for the 5 digit price tag, I would have probably ran out and bought it at that very moment.
If I was not going to be able to wear this dress, then I hoped that someone else would wear it and do it justice. Thank god that happened.

Last night Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out in this beautiful dress. She looks almost perfect. I perhaps would have paired it with black strappy sandles or a nude heel, but she does this dress the justice it deserves.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home Farming

Today during lunch I seen this advertisement for Triscuit crackers. They talked about how in each Triscuit box there would be a pack of seeds for you to grow your own home garden.

Below is a little description about what they are doing. I encourage each one of you to get involved with Home Farming in one way or another. Whether you will feed 1000 families with your farm, or just your family with your urban farm, the more we do this, the better we eat, and the more we can teach our families about the importance of agriculture!

From rural areas to urban communities, home farms are sprouting up all over the country. And it's only just begun. Triscuit has created this site with help from Urban Farming, a non-profit organization, to help build a home farming community where both beginners and more seasoned gardeners can dialogue and gather information towards their common mission: to reap food that is deliciously fresh, penny-wise, healthier for themselves and the planet. It’s about home farming, and the everyday joy that grows out of it. So join us and let’s get farming!

Take a look at

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Half Mile of Hell

The sport of Chuckwagon racing is not an easy one for anyone. For my friends to the east, and friends to the south, this sport may be unfamiliar to you.

Here is a little video that shows what Chuckwagon racing is.

My family has had the pleasure of being part of this sport for the last 7 or 8 years through our cousin Troy Flad. Troy is a longtime driver on the World Professional Chuckwagon Tour. Each summer they travel around Alberta and BC taking part in meets.

This sport comes from the wild west. The point has always been to load up your wagon, and make it around the track as fast as possible. Over the years some new rules have been put into place, but the theory still remains the same.

As these drivers and their families, along with 15 or more Thoroughbred horses load up and take to the road for 3.5 months. They live a rough life, but love what they do. Many of the drivers are 2nd and 3rd generation drivers, with their children itching to get behind the lines.

To help pay for the expenses along the way drivers are bought to carry a tarp for the company. This tarp becomes part of the wagon, and the company becomes part of the team for the weekend or season. It gives the companies great exposure, and they also have a pretty good time along the way.

I love to not only watch the chuckwagons, but also to ride the horses. Crystal and I still help out where we can. Usually it is taking care of the horses in the barns, or riding an outriding horse up to the track. They can be intimidating animals, but they love what they do as well!

Next time you are in the area and you know that a race is going on, stop in and watch. It really is a wild and crazy sport!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Inspiration

This afternoon my good friend Bethan sent me an email out of the blue. It has been the highlight of my day, and just what I needed on a Monday afternoon.

I hope that everyone gets a pick me up like this, and that you remember to share with those how special they are to you!

My inspiration for the day Stacy!

I was driving along and a song came on my ipod I hadn’t really listened to, its called “Thing Built to Last” by Heartland, they sang the song I loved her first. Anyways I goggled the lyrics and copied the following:

here's to the makers of things built to last
Like church bells and bridges, and baseball on grass
Like Ferguson tractors and Lucchese boots
My daddy's old tools I still use

The pledge of allegiance, the stars and the stripes
The words in the Bible, the sun in the sky
And here's to the twinkle in old married eyes
Still there after fifty years past
Here's to the makers of things built to last

We live in a world now of plastic and glue
Disposable honor, replaceable truth
If a part breaks, why fix it?
Man, what's the use
It costs less to buy it brand new

So after I listen to the song I think of my friend Stacy! She is a wonderful lady and inspiration to myself, even though I don’t think she knows it! Anyways I was thinking how we can all get caught up in the plastic and glue and even just life and it is great to take a step back and realize that there are things in this world that are incredible and that will last forever….like our friendship!

I just wanted to share my inspiration with you friend! Even though the song talks about a love relationship I totally related it to a friend relationship and just like I know I can always count on you! You can always count on me!!

Love ya Happy Monday Stacy!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Time to Share #19

This week I am going to feature another of my favorite blogs to read. does a tremendous job profiling the happenings of the cattle world in the USA. During Denver each year they take footage and interviews of as many bulls as possible to post for those of use not able to attend.

They also do a great job of giving some results and updates on livestock shows going on.

This was a post that was made last week. I love how it is truly unbiased and honest.

Check it out!

Happy 1st Anniversary

Without me even knowing the 1 year Anniversary of my blog came and went!

On February 27, 2009, I started this as something to do and a place to vent. It has now became a way to keep everyone informed and educated with my life, and things that are important to me.

Thank-you for all of my followers, and everyone else who reads the blog. I mentioned that we are now right around 400 hits every month, so thank-you to all my readers.

Please let me know if there is anything that you really like reading. I love going through the comments that you leave. Someday it is the only thing that gives me motivation to keep writing!

I have recently been told that I may be the only blog who will in the same day write about cows and high fashion!

Here is to another year of blogging, and also to crossing off 1 more item on my 101 in 1001 list!

Haul Star Hot Shot Services

The last week I have started a new contract for a friend. I missed not having something to fill my time at night, and this contract is just what I needed!

Haul Star Hot Shot Services is a company based out of Edmonton with a 2nd location in Red Deer. They provide UPS like services to the Oil and Gas Industry.

We just finished the logo yesterday, and now are starting on the website. I have lots of plans for this company and how to make it as great as I know it can be!
Stay tuned for some progress!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Man's Best Friends

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we had a litter of puppies born. Now they are almost 6 weeks old and so much fun to play with!
Here are some pictures that I took of them last weekend. They are currently for sale if you or anyone is interested. They are purebred border collies, out of 2 working parents. They are $250.00 with no papers and no shots. You can contact Deanne or Rob at 780-696-3643 for more information.

The Search Begins

I love the house that I live in. I love where it is located at, I love my room, just everything is great about the house.... except 1 thing.

We pay A LOT in rent! It is not only the rent but when you have a 3 bedroom house, with only 2 of you living in it, it gets expensive. Brett and I have decided that we are going to try to move to somewhere that is a little more affordable, but try to same in the same area, or the SE (don't worry not in Millwoods!)

I have started to do a little bit of looking. I have been fortunate that I have always lived in a pretty new place. And I am pretty particular about the places that I live in. Currently our wish list looks like this:
  • 2-3 bedrooms
  • 2+ bathrooms
  • New or renovated kitchen
  • a yard (so no condos or apartments)
  • parking for 1-2 vehicles
  • in a good part of the city
Looks simple right. But it's not! There are a few places in the Silverberry neighborhood that look alright, and there are also a bunch of new townhouses that are just about finished in Terwilliger.

Hopefully as soon as Brett gets back we can start looking. We have to give notice on May 1st, which seems like a long time, but it's really not.

I will keep you posted on any places that we find.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time to Share #18

This week I want to share with you a few of my favorite looks from the Fall/Winter 2010 collections at the recent fashion weeks.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!