Thursday, September 30, 2010

Delta Golf Tournement

I thought that it was time that I caught you up on a few of things that have been happening in my life. I have been waiting on the pictures, and they are finally here now!

With work, we have a company golf tournament. It is fairly small with 30 or so people playing, but it is a great time! This year I played with our Director of Sales, and our Computer tech. We had a great time, and lots of laughs along the way. We didn't even do that bad placing 3rd. Especially since our Computer tech had never played before!
After golf we all headed to my boss's house for a steak and lobster supper. This is the best meal that I have had in ages. I don't remember the last time I had a steak that was that tender!

They handed out lots of prizes as well. I played well enough to win Ladies Longest Drive, and Ladies Longest Putt. Not bad for someone who had not played in 3 months!

Can't wait for next year! Should be a really fun time again

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 London Fashion Week- Top 10

London Fashion week is my least favorite of the major fashion weeks held throughout the world. However, there is still s few shows that really shine for me. These are my picks for the top 10 looks of London Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week. 
  Julien Macdonald
 David Koma
  Julien Macdonald
 Matthew Williamson
 Julien Macdonald
  David Koma
 Burberry Prorsum
  Matthew Williamson
Burberry Prorsum

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Little Bit of Oz...

This is the picture that I woke up to this morning from my family. It is the first that they had sent of their trip to Australia. Seeing that I am the only one at home my sister was nice enough to take a picture of me "being" there.

So here it is. Hazel the Koala bear and me hanging out in Australia!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Item of the Week #7

Martin Suite Pant from Bannana Republic. My work wardrobe staple. I have these pants in white, black, tan, and navy. They are so comfortable and flattering on everyone. The best thing, at the outlet store, they are only $50.00!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Item of the Week #6

Hollister hoodies are one of my favorite things to wear. Every night after work I can be found wearing one around the house. Same goes for the weekends. I have not found anything more comfortable, and still decent looking just in case someone shows up.

I love the dark blue of this one. You can find them online on Hollister's website.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 NY Fashion Week- Top 10

Rather then boring you all with tons of posts about NY Fashion week, I figured I would give you my Top 10 looks. It was really hard to narrow it down, but I think that there were some really beautiful pieces.

So here we go, these are in no particular order...

Ralph Lauren

Reem Acra

Ralph Lauren

Oscar de la Renta

Monique Lhuillier


Marc Jacobs

Donna Karan

Dennis Basso

Christian Siriano

Let me know what one is your favorite!

1 Year and Counting

Last week marked 1 year of me tracking my blog through Google Analytics. It has been really neat for me to follow what all of you like to read, and where people are reading from.

Here is a little recap over the last year.

  • 1,803 different people have visited this blog
  • 71 countries have stopped on this blog. They range from Serbia and Spain, to South Africa and Switzerland.
The top ten visited blogs were:

10. Working on Cattle
9. Red Carpet Round Up: 2010 MET Ball Worst Dressed
8. Calgary Steer Show 2010
7. Tag Your It
6. Billboard Fun
5. One Year Ago
4. Harvie Ranching
3. Marina Bays and Sands
2. Drayton Valley Show
1. Red Carpet Round Up: 2010 MET Ball Best Dressed

Thanks to all of those who have stopped by for a read!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been extremely busy the last few days. In my few minutes of down time I have been keeping track of NY Fashion week. We are only a few days in and there have been some real highs and lows so far.

Thought I would share with you one of my favorite pieces to be presented yet. Don't worry I have 66 others to share with you (or the ones that make the final cut) and we are only a few days in remember, plus still have London, Milan, and Paris!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Gaga

Last night the Video Music Awards were held in Hollywood. This event always brings out a few characters and some great style, whether you like it or not!
Audrina Patridge looked the best she has in a long time. Maybe it is the Dancing With the Stars, but definitely a thumbs up here.Eva Pigford is probably best known for winning America's Next Top Model. Well last night she looked like a model in this colorful creation.

Katy Perry was one of my favorites for the night. She looked amazing in Marchesa. It was light and fun, and still red carpet appropriate.

Florence Welch may be a newcomer to the VMA's but she definitely is not a rookie in fashion. Her Givenchy Couture gown is amazing. Love the styling as well!

Ciara was another favorite of mine also wearing a Givenchy Couture piece. This was hands down my favorite of the collection. It is not a great picture, but she does look stunning.

Selena Gomez- This girl is young, yet she tries to wear gowns so out of her age. This is an improvement over most of her outfits though. And I do love her shoes.Lo Bosworth also hit the white carpet last night. Her dress really left me disappointed. Bad color and bad hair. Why cant this girl ever get it right?Roxy Olin from MTV's The City tried to pull off this number. Except she came out as my worst dressed of the night...

Haley Williams has been around for a few years, but she is finally getting the recognition she deserves as an artist. This Mui Mui dress fits with the event and her personality perfect.

Kesha is a unique person. I think we can all agree on that. To the VMA's she worse a garbage bag styled into a dress... yes unique is the word.

Evan Rachel Wood looks great in this Gucci dress. I just wish she would have left the thigh high boots on the corner.

Emma Stone wore a great leather dress. I love the purple clutch, just wishing she would have went for a lighter shoe.

Ashley Greene has some great style. She also needed to leave the black pumps at home, and next time pack a smile with her! Awesome Giambattista Valli dress though.
Amber Riley was one of the worst dressed of the night. I am still not sure why people chose to wear clothing that make them look larger then they really are...

And then there was Lady Gaga.... I am not a huge fan, but I have to say that I loved 2/3 looks tonight. The third is umm... rare to say the least!

Oh Alexander McQueen you made such beautiful clothes.

And even more daring and dramatic shoes...

Lady Gaga's collaboration with Giorgio Armani continued in this amazing black gown.

And then there was the Franc Fernandez meat dress.

Item of the Week #5

I have a love of wedding dresses. No I am not getting married, but I think that they really are beautiful. There are so many different designs, styles, and shapes to choose from

This particular dress is my favorite of the moment. It is simple and el

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blast From the Past

Today I was going through my usual routine. Get to work, do a quick stop at some of my favorite websites (check out the blogs I follow,,, The Pioneer Woman, Just Jared, Steer Planet, and Facebook) Trust me I know it is a lot.

I always make Facebook my last stop, as sometimes during a slow day it just gets left on. Today while I was catching up, my chat popped up. Much to my surprise it was a friend from the past!
In 2004 I had the privilege to get to travel to Washington D.C for the National 4-H Conference. IT was a trip that I won, and I was there representing Alberta. I will take you down memory lane one day, as it was one of the best trips of my life, but that's a story for another day.

While I was there, I met a fellow 4-Her from North Carolina. His name was Casey, and I called him America. In return he called me Canadia. We got along really well, he taught me all about NCAA Final Four Basketball, and I taught him about how Canada was actually a civilized country, and no we did not drive dog sleds.After the conference we kept in touch. He sent me a package of what North Carolina was like. A Hurricanes flag, a USA dollar bill, a pin of the North Carolina flag, and other little treasures. In return, I sent him what Canada was in a box. Things like a flag, maple syrup, and a Toonie.

Back to my story though. Today the chat message that popped up was from Casey! It had been years since I had talked to him so it really took me my surprise. This is the message that he send:

Once upon a time there was this girl from Canada who sent me a Toonie.
I still have that Toonie in a box that I keep full of good memories.

It completely took me by surprise. I could not believe that a simple gesture like sending a Toonie would be remembered 6 years later. It was a great little reminder that sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catch Up Time

I have been suffering from a bit of writers block lately. It seems like I will go for 2 weeks with lots of new and exciting blogs to pump out to you, and then it crumbles for a couple of weeks. I am determined to not let that happen this time!

Things have been changing all around me in the last few weeks. The fall leaves are starting to show their colours, the weather definitely is getting cooler through the day, and the fall rains are delaying harvest.

Personally a few things are changing too. Work has given me a slightly different role, which means much more leadership on our team which is great. Several friends in the past weeks have started to talk about babies and marriage. There is nothing that makes you realize you are getting older like the talk of babies and marriage!

The next few weeks will be extremely full for me. At work we are just starting our busy season, we are also trying to get a few things wrapped up at the farm before my parents leave for 3 weeks to Australia. There are still show cattle that need to get halter broke for the fall, and sale cattle that need to get worked on too. NY Fashion week also starts this week, so I will be busy watching that and making a wish list just in case I win one of those $50 million dollar jackpots.

Well that's about it for my catching up. I am off for supper with friends tonight, and then back to the piano bar in Edmonton for some fun. I am quickly realizing that I am needing to inject my life with some more fun... so the plan starts now!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Item of the Week #4

I have always loved jean. Whether it is a jean dress, jacket, shirt or pants. I have a real hard time finding pieces that I love, with the exception of pants.

This shirt is really cute. I love how they have styled it with the necklaces too. My only problem is that I would not wear it with blue jeans, that is just way to much jean going on at once.
This shirt is currently available at Smart Set for $40.00