Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Catching Up

Now that the Olympics are over, I have so much catching up to do both around the house, and on my blog.

Ever since the Olympics have finished I have been encouraged to get healthier. With my new job I have access to our hotel gym. I am making a promise to myself to work out at least twice a week. I have also been trying to accomplish one of my 101 in 1001, which is to go skating 20 times this winter. So far I have only been twice, so need to get my but in gear.

I have also been trying to get home as much as possible. Not only are there baby calves everywhere, but we also have 7 5 week old border collie puppies. If there was such thing as miniature border collies I would have one in a minute! Personally I don't think that there is anything cuter.

My roommate Brett also left to Costa Rica for 6 weeks. This means I have the house to myself, and can get caught up on lots of projects that are partially done. The first thing on my list was to do my taxes. I finished that last night, and now I am moving onto finishing my Thailand scrapbook.

We have also booked out tickets to New York for May long weekend. I have been making lists of things that I would like to do while we are there. One of my new finds is the The Museum at the FIT . Hopefully the girls will also wanna stop here too!

I am hoping to get back to Time to Share every Wednesday. Stay tuned to see what I have to share tomorrow!

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