Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time to Share #21

This weeks Time to Share is taking a different spin. I want to talk a little bit about where I find inspiration for my life.When it comes to clothes and dressing there is one style icon that I turn to... Victoria Beckham. To me Victoria has the best style of anyone in Hollywood. It is a mix of high end dressing with the occasional dressed down look.My love of Victoria Beckham started when she was a Spice Girl. In the early 90's she rocked a sophisticated style that none of the other girls had. In there come back tour, she kept her Posh style with a new haircut and some glamorous looks.
She can go from looking extremely glamorous on the red carpet to flying over seas in a comfortable and casual style, without looking like a slob. I really admire this about her.
I also am a huge fan of her hair. One of my favorite looks has to be the sever angle bob that she had a couple of years ago. I think this cut looked great on her, and even cut mine like that.
Recently, Victoria has become a major fashion designer. She started with a denim line, and now has grown to a full collection every spring and fall. I have pulled a few of my favorite looks that she has designed the last couple of years.

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