Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home Farming

Today during lunch I seen this advertisement for Triscuit crackers. They talked about how in each Triscuit box there would be a pack of seeds for you to grow your own home garden.

Below is a little description about what they are doing. I encourage each one of you to get involved with Home Farming in one way or another. Whether you will feed 1000 families with your farm, or just your family with your urban farm, the more we do this, the better we eat, and the more we can teach our families about the importance of agriculture!

From rural areas to urban communities, home farms are sprouting up all over the country. And it's only just begun. Triscuit has created this site with help from Urban Farming, a non-profit organization, to help build a home farming community where both beginners and more seasoned gardeners can dialogue and gather information towards their common mission: to reap food that is deliciously fresh, penny-wise, healthier for themselves and the planet. It’s about home farming, and the everyday joy that grows out of it. So join us and let’s get farming!

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