Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time to Share #20

Wow, it seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I started Time to Share.. and now we are already on #20!

This week I want to feature another of my favorite blogs to read. Although this is another agriculture blog, it is very different from anything that we get in Canada. Sure there are stories or breeding, showing, flushing, and the fun that goes down on the farm, but this blog has a very different twist.

Luke and Catherine live in Texas and have a very successful Shorthorn and Brahman herd of cattle. In Canada we do not have very many "American" or eared breeds of cattle.

One of my favorite things about their blog is the pictures!! Both Luke and Catherine are excellent photographers and take pictures of everything that they do! They also give you a little insight into their days while keeping it light and pretty funny.

Check out their blog for a great read and to see some really cool pictures!

PS. A little background story. About 2 years ago Luke won a trip to come to Canada and the Calgary Stampede. Our family, and extended family showed Luke around for the time that he was here. He kept telling us stories of the ranch in Texas, but we never really got it. We don't have eared cattle here, so the mental visualization just was not there. It is great to now be able to see exactly what Luke was talking about!

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