Monday, February 8, 2010

Undercover Boss

Last night after watching a disappointing SuperBowl, Brett and I decided to watch a new show called Undercover Boss.

The idea behind the show is that an executive of a major company goes undercover as a new employee as some of the most ground level positions within the company. They then see how the employees are treated, issues within the company, and along the way possibly find some of their shinning stars within the company.

Last night featured the company WasteManagement. The president of the company went into the company to do positions such as sorting trash, cleaning porta-potties, and collecting trash.

Along the journey he seen first hand how some of the ideas and policies that he had put into place were not working, and some significant changes that needed to be made.

2 of my favorite parts in the show were:

1) how the truth was not hid. The reality of these peoples lives and the challenges that they faced were not covered up. Everything from employees having to urinate in tin cans while on the road, to an employee who was doing the job of 3 people, and not being compensated for it.

2) One of the featured employees cleaned porta-potties. This man made one of the most discusting jobs look almost fun. This man made the best of his situation, and had fun with it. He was so inspiring that the President of the company invited him to speak to all employees on having a positive attitude while at work.

I am really looking forward to next week to see who the next company is and the lessons learned along the way. I think that for anyone this show has a lot of lessons that can be learned, whether it be from management techniques, or how to treat your employees.

Stay tuned for more show highlights!

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RobynBeazley said...

Glad you wrote about this new show Stacy - I loved it too. I'm also quite curious to know who else is going to be featured.