Saturday, February 27, 2010

21st Winter Olympics- Day 16 Recap

I know i keep saying what a day for the Canadians, but today was officially the most successful day for Canadians at a Winter Olympics.

1. Men's Curling

The one thing the Kevin Martin did not have to his list of things won was an Olympic gold medal. That was until today. In a great game this athlete confirmed that he is the best player to have ever played the game, and is only getting better as time goes by.

2. Men's Speed Skating Team Pursuit

Canada continued on its gold medal ways with a second gold of the day. The men were not expected to beat the USA in this race, but did a great job to come out on top. Yet anther way to close out the Long Track Speed Skating at these Olympic games.

3. Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Snowboarding

This is another one of my favorite events at the Olympic games. 2 of these athletes were featured in a CTV show called Over the Bolts prior to the Olympics. The other member of the team was veteran Jasey Jay Anderson. He said going into these Olympics that they would be his last, and what a way to cap it all off with the 3rd gold medal of the day.

Matthew Morison finished 11th and Michael Lambert finished 12. A great showing for all of these athletes.

4. Men's 4 Man Bobsled

The medals kept rolling in this time with a bronze medal in the 4 Man competition. The USA were heavy favorites coming in and they took the gold. Canada's team anchored by Lyndon Rush were ranked #7 in the world, so a bronze medal is amazing for them. This team hold lots of future for the sport in the years to come.

Pierre Lueders finished his bobsleigh career with a 5th place finish. He was the only veteran on the this team, and it was a disappointing finish to this athletes career. However, he did a great thing in training and passing on his knowledge to 3 other young athletes to take the sport over.

Good stories from today
To bad they didnt want to keep these flights

What a way to win

Such a sad day

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