Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympics in Pictures

Over the last few days there have been some great images taken at the Olympics. I can not feature all aspects and sports each day, so I am going to post some pictures every couple days to reflect what has been happening. Hope you enjoy.

The Canadian Women's Hockey team has now qualified to the semi finals with two dominating wins. 18-0; and 10-1.
An American ski jumper lifting off.
There have been lots of peaceful protests in the Vancouer area since the start of the Olympics. This is an example of a protest done wrong. 7 people were arrested in this case.
This figure skating pair made quite the splash last night in the pairs short program. They joked that they should head over to the speed skating track after they finished their program.
The Czech team during the opening ceremonies.
All of the LED lights during the opening ceremonies.
The men's curling team from Norway really wanted to make a splash with their outfits. Watch for them against Canada tomorrow in the first Curling game of the Olympics.
This team offically became the first black figure skating team in Olympic history. They competed for France.


Crystal Young said...

Tell me about the protest? I love all the pictures. Especially, that ski jump one. I got to watch the women's hockey game today!

Sly said...

They wernt really protesting, it was more of them just wanting to destroy things. They took the newspaper dispencers and threw them onto the street and into windows of TD bank and HBC stores.