Thursday, February 25, 2010

21st Winter Olympics:Day 14 Recap

The women have been setting the example the last couple of days. Hopefully the men can start to come through with some medals.

1. Curling

Both our men and women qualified through to the gold medal games. The women will play tomorrow and the men on saturday. Both teams should have a great shot at gold after dominating though the round robin.

It is almost sad that it is tougher to qualify out of your country, then it is to win an Olympic medal.

2. Women's Figure Skating

What a night for Joannie Rochette. After what is to be expected as one of the worst weeks of her life, she pulled through her loss to win the bronze medal.

The competition was close tonight. The South Korean skater was amazing, and untouchable. She hands down deserved to win the gold medal.

The race came for the bronze and 4th place. To me Joannie is one of the star athletes of the games when you think what she went through and how she performed.

3. Women's Hockey

The girls have done it again. 3 Olympics in a row Canada has won the gold medal in the Women's Hockey. They put out a dominate performance tonight winning 2-0 against their rivals team USA. I was really happy to see the girls win, as there are 13 veterans on the team, and a good possibility that not many of them will be back for 2014.

The games definetly are slowing down with less qualifying sports and more medaling going on. This weekend will be a big one and a great way to wrap up the games

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monika said...

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