Tuesday, February 16, 2010

21st Winter Olympics: Day 5 Recap

So I know that it is still a little early for a recap, but with the Canadian men taking to the ice tonight in their first game, I will be paying full attention to that. Plus there are so many great stories from day 5 already today!

There are 2 stories that I read about on the official Olympic Blog: Fourth-Place Medal. Take a look at the links below for great stories!

American men's figure skater Johnny Weir feature
Feature story here

This is a really cool story about one of our Canadian woman's curlers
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Ok now back to the daily recap:

1. The Zamboni issues at the Long Track Oval

Last night in the men's 500m Long Track skate their was huge delays due to the ice machine. This machine is one of a kind. It is a green and environmentally friendly machine that ties in with one of the themes for the games. This is the second time that the machine has not worked properly and hopefully its not going to become a reoccurring theme to these games.

2. Canada's curling teams

Both the men's and woman's curling teams took to the ice today in their first games. Kevin Martin played a terrible game strategically and played an extra end to get the win. This was a team that he should have been able to beat no problem. The women also had an extremely close game against the Swiss, but ended up coming up on top.

The men play Germany later tonight.

3. Weather delays in Whistler

The hill conditions at Whistler have been terrible to say the least since the Olympics have started. Warm weather and downpours of rain have not helped the conditions at all. Crews have worked around the clock to the the hill in top condition, and were able to for the men's downhill. Now this morning the Super Combined was delayed again. Hopefully the crews can get the hill back in top form soon.

4. Men's Hockey Preview

In a few minutes the puck will drop in the first Men's Olympic Hockey game for Canada. As we all know anything less then gold is an upset for this team. And the team feels that pressure. Tonight the team will face Norway. The Norwegian team is the least skilled in our pool and we should have no trouble beating this team. Watch for Canada to try out some new lines, and stick to their game without getting to fancy. Luongo gets the start in net tonight, in his home arena. Lets see if he can play a good game without buckling under the pressure as he as been known to do.

5. Women's Snowbaord Cross

As I said last night I think that Snowboard Cross is becoming one of my favorite new sports. It also doesn't hurt that Canada rocks at it! The women went today and Canada came out on top this time with a Gold Medal! Maelle Ricker pulled away to win the competition. Other Canadian's included Dominique Maltais who finished 20th.

Make sure to watch both the Men's Curling, Men's Hockey and Men's Figure Skating Short Program tonight!


RobynBeazley said...

I love the updates!! Thanks Stacy.

Tiffany said...

Stacy....your blog is a lifesaver....work has been crazy and I haven't gotten to watch as much as I want to, but I feel so caught up!

Sly said...

Today was a little harder as I finally had to go back to work. Im working on including stories about other athletes then just Canadians, but its hard to when our Canadian team is so great this year!