Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time to Share #18

This week's Time to Share is another website that I really love.

I may be a slight bias due to the fact that EDJE id the host and creator of our farms website, but they truly do offer a great service.

Their company really is complex. They not only do website design, sale broadcasting and bidding, and graphic design, but with their huge client base, it becomes a place to find all of the latest updates in the agriculture industry.

I personally love to go onto the main cattle page and see what websites have been updated. There are usually 10-20 pages that are updated daily. This time of year it makes it really easy to see who has a new bull sale catalog online or new genetics in their herds.

Ever since EDJE has taken over COWS clients, there are way more Canadian websites listed in addition to the hundreds of US sites.

Take a look when you get a minute, and while your there make sure to view High Country Cattle Services as well! We always have weekly updates, and information about the farm!

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