Friday, February 19, 2010

21st Winter Olympics:Day 8 Recap

Tonight's recap is going to be slightly different. I want to touch on an event that finished late last night, as well as all of the happenings from today!

1. Men's Figure Skating

The men's figure skating is 1 of 2 major upsets of these Olympics ( the other also came last night as Russia lost to Slovakia in men's hockey). The Russia Evgeni Plushenko was favored coming into these games. He won gold at the 2006 games, retired and then came back to defend his gold. He is one of the most decorated male skaters in history.

American Evan Lysacek was wanting to ruin Plushenko's party. He was the reigning World Champion, and was 2nd coming into the free skate.

Before competition began, the Russia's were complaining about the scoring system and how it favors North American skating. He complained about where in the skate order he was at, and so much more. He had every excuse in the books.

After Lysacek won gold last night, and the Russian Plushenko got silver, the debate really started about who was the better skater. Judge for yourself. But to be Lysacek deserved to win! Maybe I just think so because Vera Wang designs his costumes!

2. Ice Dance Figure Skating

The Ice Dance competition started tonight. Unlike most figure staking the Ice Dancers are required to do 3 performances. A compulsory dance, an original dance, and a free dance. The compulsory is where everyone completes the same moves just to different music and with different costumes.

The Canadians came out great tonight. We are currently sitting in 2nd place. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are definitely medal contenders in this event.

3. Skeleton

Canada had high hopes for our skeleton team. Melissa Hollingsworth was having a great competition until her last run tonight. She finished a disappointing 5th. Canada was definitely expecting a medal from here. Especially since she won the world cup this season.

Amy Gough finished 7th and Michelle Kelly finished 13th.

The men I think really got out shadowed by the women coming into these games. Even as the games were going on, I don't think that anyone ever talked about the men skeleton racers. They definitely gave us something to talk about tonight as Canada won our 4th gold medal. Jon Montgomery came from behind to win the gold. A great feat seeing as he is ranked 5th in the world!

Jeff Pain finished 14th and Michael Douglas was disqualified.

4. Curling

Both the men's and ladies teams are currently undefeated. Hopefully this stays up for rest of the games. These teams continue to play until mid next week, and then they will be playing in the semi-finals.

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