Friday, February 26, 2010

21st Winter Olympics:Day 15 Recap

What a day for Canada. We knew that the 2nd week of the Olympics would be Canada's week, but this is just great.

1. Men' Hockey

Everyone wanted a rematch of the Canada vs USA game, and that is exactly what they will get. Sunday these 2 teams will face off for the gold medal.

Slovakia put out a great performance tonight and will play Finland for the bronze medal. This will we Slovakia's best finish ever in the Olympics.

2. Women's Curling

This was a bit of a disappointment with Canada only getting silver. Canada had a chance twice to win the game, and let it slip through her hands. Cheryl Bernard still had a great competition, especially for being a rookie on the International scene. Sweden ended up winning the gold medal, a repeat of 2006.

The bronze medal went to China. These girls live and train in Leduc, so they have a great Canadian connection.

Game recap

3. Men's Short Track 500m

Finally the men got to shine. Tonight was Charles Hamelin's day. This is the best distance for him, and he dominated in this race coming out with a gold medal. Canada also took the bronze by Fransois-Louis Tremblay. We also had a 9th place finish in this race.

Race details

4. Short Track Men's 5000m Relay

The men had a busy night tonight as the same 3 men also competed in the 5000m relay, as well as the other Hamelin brother. The guys had broke Olympic records all afternoon in qualifying, so we knew we would be in good contention.

The race was so close that it came down to a photo finish with Canada winning the gold. These men raced so well today to wrap up the speed skating for the 2010 Olympics!

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