Tuesday, February 23, 2010

21 Winter Olympics: Day 12 Recap

Sorry for the delayed post. Here is the day 12 recap

1. Men's 10000m Speed Skating

This article really says it all. Such a disappointment for this athlete.

Even the best make mistakes

Canada did not have anyone competing in this grueling event.

2. Women's Short Program

Canada waited to see how our skating darling Joannie Rochette fared. Just days before her mother passed away of a heart attack after arriving in Vancouver to see her daughter skate.

Joannie is amazing. She had a personal best score, and currently sits in 3rd place. Once she finished the program she broke down in tears.

The Korean and Japanese women definitely did not disappoint. Yu-Na Kim from Korea set a new world record score. She had a great program, and lives and trains in Canada.

The long program should be a great one to watch, and hopefully Canada can say in medal contention.

3. Men's Hockey- Canada vs Germany

Everyone knew this game would be an easy win, and an easy win it was. We blew out the Germans 8-2. Russia will be our next test, and a test it will be!

4. Ladies Ski Cross

This ranks up there as one of the best stories of the games so far. Ashleigh McIvor won Canada another gold medal. Not only did she win a gold medal, but she was the first ever to do so in the sport of Ski Cross.

Back when Ashleigh was in University she was asked to write a paper. Her paper was about how ski cross should be an Olympic sport, because until this year it had not been. As a ski cross athlete Ashleigh pushed for the sport to be recognized by the Olympic committee, and now she won the first goal medal in the sport. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Our other Canadians ended up 5th, 12th and 19th.

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