Wednesday, February 17, 2010

21st Winter Olympics:Day 6 Recap

All I can say is Shaun White! What a day of performances in day 5.

1. Men's Half Pipe

Shaun White is the King of the half pipe once again. He put out a dominate performance tonight to win his second consecutive gold medal. This guy is amazing, and no one even came close to contend with his. Canada had 1 athlete advance to the finals, Justin Lamoureux finished in 7th.

The big disappointment for Canada was Jeff Batchelor who not only failed to qualify for the finals but ended up a disappointing 32nd. Hopefully Batchelor can mature enough for the next Olympics in 2014.

2. Women's Alpine Downhill

Lindsey Vonn was debating whether she would compete due to a shin injury. Personally I think she was just playing with the media. She knew that she would compete all along. After all this is the Olympics!

Lindsy not only competed but she came out with the gold. She put all of the recent controversy about her Sports Illustrated issue, and her injury aside. I was really happy that she as able to win.

3. Men's 1000m Speedskating

I had earlier talked about my following of Jeremy Wotherspoon. Tonight he skated in his final Olympic event ever. He put out a great effort but came up short ending up in 14th place.

I hope that everyone can remember his success in the sport and not focus in on the fact that he as never won an Olympic medal.

4. Ladies 500m Speedskating

Canada had a great showing in the 500m Short Track tonight. We had 3 women who would be contenders for medals. 2 of our women advanced to the finals with Marianne St-Gelais winning the silver medal.

Jessica Gregg finished in 4th and Kalyna Roberge finishing 6th.

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Crystal Young said...

That fourth medal blog is really cool. Wish our snowboarder would have done a little better too, but Shaun White is amazing. You need to look a the video on my blog.