Thursday, February 18, 2010

21st Winter Olympics:Day 7 Recap

Today was I think one for the most exciting days so far in the games. I know at my house at a few points we had 2 lab tops going as well as a TV to watch all of the sports going on.

Here are a few highlights from the day:

1. Canadian Men's Hockey

In the 2006 Olympics Switzerland beat Canada 2-0 to really derail our hopes of Olympic Gold. Canada has waited 4 years for this rematch to show that we really are the better hockey nation.

Canada jumped out to an early 2-0 lead, and were playing fairly well. All of a sudden Switzerland had tied the game at 2-2. The game went into overtime, and then a shootout. Finally on the 4th shooter Sidney Crosby scored the game winning goal!

This close was way to close for comport and the players know they really need to pick up there socks. Switzerland is a low ranked team in the Olympics. I have to say that their goalie Jonas Hiller played an amazing game, and really kept his team in the game.

There are possibly a few injuries to come out of this game. One of the biggest is Jarome Iginla. He did not play for most of the 3rd period. Watch for his return hopefully for the next game against the USA.

2. Women's Half Pipe

Tonight we got to see the first athlete compete that was featured in the CTV show Over the Bolts. Mercedes Nicoll was the only Canadian to make the finals. She ended up being 6th which was a great result for her.

The other Canadians included Sarah Conrad in 18th and Palmer Taylor in 26th.

3. Skeleton

Skeleton is a different sport in the Olympics as your time is a cumulative score over 4 runs. Tonight both the men and women did the first 2 of 4 runs.

The women put out a strong showing. Current Gold Medalist Mellisa Hollingsworth ended up 3rd for the night. In training runs earlier this week she unofficially broke a track record. Watch for her to come from behind for the win.

The other Canadian women ended up 7th and 13th for the night.

The men also put out a great performance. I will have more on their results tomorrow.

4. Ladies 1000m Speed Skating

The Canadian women really dominated on the track today. Christine Nesbitt was favored for gold going into the race, and she did not disappoint. Nesbitt won Canada our 3rd Gold of the games.

Kristina Groves put out a great performance to be 4th, just 0:06 out of the Bronze medal. Shannon Rempel ended up 21st and Brittany Schussler ended up 25th.

Watch for the Canadian women to dominate again in the 1500m where Canadian skaters are ranked 1, 2, and 5 in the world!

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