Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time to Share #17

Well the time has almost come. A time that only comes every 4 years, and in those years leading up to it, there is so many hours of dedication and hard work that goes into it.

Yes, I am talking about the 2010 Winter Olympics! There has been so much hype for so long about this event, and now with it only 8 days away, the excitement is really building!

I think that there are so many great stories that come out of the Olympics. There are the stories of the athletes that usually are our focus, but outside of that there are the stories of the coaches, organizers and volunteers.

Without thousands of organizers and volunteers the games would not be possible. I don't think people realize that without them there would be no games. Everything from the bidding process, to the torch relay, to the games themselves.

I am truly excited to be a Canadian and see how our athletes do during this years games. I have high hopes for our athletes.


Crystal Young said...

You are really going to have to keep me updated on things because no one is talking about them down here. Got any good website suggestions or blogs that are following the Olympics?

Sly said... and will be your best websites. Not sure about blogs yet.