Wednesday, February 24, 2010

21st Winter Olympics:Day 13 Recap

What a day Canada had today. Sunday was coined Super Sunday, but today ended up being Wonderful Wednesday!

1. Women's 2 Man Bobsled

What a great day for the Canadians and the sport of bobsled in our country. Not only did we win gold, but we also won silver! Humphries and Moyse dominated right from run 1 to win the gold. Canada 2 consisting of Upperton and Brown should not be over shadowed. These girls worked hard to continually move up in the standings to win the silver medal.

The Russia team who were the reigning gold medalist, had a really unfortunate spill. It really was to bad, as they were in close contention for a medal.

2. Women's Short Track 3000m Relay

Yes another silver medal. And another woman who won it! The 4 women who pushed through their second race of the day did a great job! After finishing in 3rd place the Canadians were bumped up to silver. The Korean team finished in 1st place but was disqualified and striped of their gold medal.

3. Canada vs Russia Men's Hockey

It was about time that the Canadian men started to play as a team. Tonight it finally happened. Canada shot out with a huge lead to win the game and advance to the next round.

Our goal tending was alright tonight, much better then in was against the Swiss, however, we need to really tighten that up to match the skills of Miller.

Friday is our next day, and what a game it will be!

4. Women's Speed Skating 5000m

Clara Hughes has just had an ok Olympics. She has told the media all along that this would be her last Olympics. That is why tonight was so much more special for her. Clara won the bronze medal in her race tonight.

It was a great way for this athlete to end her Olympics and go out with a bang!

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