Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Vegas Purchase

While in Vegas I hinted that I had made my annual big purchase. In the past this has been designer scarves and expensive shoes. This year I knew that I either wanted a purse or another pair of shoes. Being a shoe lover, the shoes easily won the battle, and I can say that I never lean looked at a designer purse while there.

I had some some searching online to see what shoes I loved. I am a huge fan of Loubioutin's, but wanted to give all shoes a chance. After all, there are so many beautiful shoes to chose from.

I had found these Fendi shoes a few weeks before we left. However, I could not find out where to buy them, or how much they are. We did find them while in Vegas as Saks Fifth Ave. They were about $700 a pair. I was a little dissapointed in the shoes, the wood soles were much darker, and the heel was all in bronze. Not what I was looking for.

The first pair of shoes that I tried on was this pair of Louboutins. The ones I tried on were more teal then blue, and each pair is different in color as they are made out of watersnake skin. They are the most beautiful shoes that I have ever seen. I really fell in love with them. These shoes are super comfortable, felt like velvet when you touched them, just were amazing. The price was a little more then I wanted to spend, but for these shoes I would have paid it. The downfall.... they are open toe. I really do not like open toe shoes, and I also cannot wear them to work. That was the deal breaker.

The next pair of shoes I tried on really intreged me. I knew that I did not want black or tan shoes, and that really cuts down on the selection. I love purple, and did not have a pair of purple shoes yet. The part that I loved the most about these shoes were the zippers on the back of the heels. Although they do not actually work they are a really cool detail that make them more then just a purple heel. Of course they have the classic red Loubioutin sole that makes them recognizable anywhere. And at about $300 less then the other heels these were a clear winner!

The shoes seen a night out in Vegas already, and have been patiently awaiting a time to wear them out in Edmonton. After all you don't wear fabulous heels like this just anywhere!

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