Monday, March 7, 2011

The Secret Garden

While in Vegas we took some time to do some relaxing things  when not shopping, or out on the town! We decided that the Secret Garden in the Mirage was the perfect place to escape for a morning.

I was not totally sure what to expect here, but when we turned the corner this is what we instantly saw....

How could you not be in heaven looking at this! There were 7 dolphins altogether. I have never seen animals that are just so happy. They were the complete opposite of those that used to be at West Edmonton Mall. These animals would jump and play with the crowds, without a trainer around either.

We spent a good time watching them before we moved onto the next phase. The next corner that we turned we saw this....

How could you not be in love with their animals. It reminded me of my tiger days in Thailand. The animals were so beautiful! My favorite was the big Siberian Tiger.

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