Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hotel Tour: Flamingo Las Vegas

Well we did it! We survived another trip to Las Vegas. This week I will have a few posts for you about our trip, and some of the more g rated pictures. 

To kick it all off I thought I would feature our home for the week, the Flamingo Las Vegas. This is the second time we have stayed here, and it is a great hotel. It it not to big, the rooms are clean, sure it may not be the prettiest, or fanciest, but it is centrally located on the strip which is huge for us!

The rooms have not changed very much in the 2 years since we have been there. They are really spacious, so we had lots of space to spread all of our stuff out.

The bathrooms could use a little bit of updating, as will the rest of the room, but really when you are in Vegas a hot shower and warm bed is all I am worried about! The floor length mirror is also great in here for getting ready.

Now for the best part of our room! We had a strip view without having to pay for one. It was really neat to look out and see onto the strip from our room. We even seen the sun setting over the mountains a couple of nights.

If we looked to the right we seen the Mirage hotel.

And to the left was the Bellagio hotel

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