Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eiffel Tower Vegas Style

Another thing that we wanted to do while in Vegas was go up the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel. This is really much better to do at night when the city is all lit up, but we did not have time to stand in line and wait.

There was a doorman working the elevator, and on the way up you learned some pretty cool stuff about the tower and the Paris hotel. The Eiffel Tower was built before the actual hotel, that is why you see the legs sticking through the hotel. The Vegas version is also exactly 1/2 the size of the real one in Paris. The reason for this... it is located to close to the airport to have a structure stand that tall!

The views from the top really are amazing!

On our way down we also learned of some of the new things coming to Vegas. The first is a massive dome that will be near Mandalay Bay. It will house a ski hill, water park, surf area and much more. This is modeled after the one in Dubi. They are also starting construction of a Bourbon Street. It will be going in the wide street between the Flamingo Hotel and Harrah's. At the end of it will be the worlds largest observatory. It will take 1 hr to complete the loop. The final development that is happening is a high speed train between LA and Vegas. Right now it takes 4hrs to get between the two cities, but when the train is completed, the trip will take only 45 mins!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I found this great construction of the Eiffel Tower with Lego Duplo bricks. The construction is a room high and the children love it!
Making this tower is fun and good for the motoric skills for the youngsters. Have fun!