Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Breeding Season 2011

This weekend will mark the start of breeding season for us. It seems like we get started earlier each year, however, the first ones will only be bred to Revolution as he is a longer gestation bull.

Revolution will be the backbone of our breeding program again this year. He has been as stud the last few months drawing semen so that both us, and our partners Beechinor Bros Simmentals, can have use of him during the breeding season.

IPU Revolution 172U
We have also sold serveral packages of semen on Revolution to breeders across Canada. The reports of the calves have been great so far. The first progeny sold at Barry Labatte's bull sale, and the next set will sell next Monday for Beechinors. Unfortunetly, we did not get any bull calves the first calf crop, but things have changed this year, and we are really excited about the bulls we will have to offer next year.

Revolution bull calf

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