Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hotel Tour: Treasure Island Las Vegas

While we stayed at the Flamingo hotel in Vegas, the guys that we hung out with were stationed at Treasure Island. This had always been a hotel that we had thought about staying at, but would always cheap out and decide to spend our money shopping instead.

It was fun to be able to see inside without having to pay. The room was really nice and recently redone, or at least modern. They may have been a little smaller then our room at the Flamingo, but again how much time do you really spend in your hotel room while in Vegas!

The best thing about the room, and TI is the pirate show that happens each night. We missed it the first time we were in Vegas, so we really wanted to catch it this time. We were able to see it from up in the boy's room, but this is what it looks like from the Boardwalk infront of the hotel.

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