Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chow Time Vegas Style

Well I am just about finished will Vegas, however one thing that I cannot go without mentioning is the food!

Vegas has some of the best dinning in the world. We took the time to sample a few different restaurants, at a few different price points and styles.

One of my favorite places to eat while in Vegas is Dick's. It is not a family restaurant, and you can pretty much find every type of person in that place. I highly suggest a few drinks before you go, and please do not go if you are easily offended by things. This was my second time dinning at Dick's. It is not a place you go for great food, it is all about the experience. I won't spoil the surprise for you, just make sure you go!

Please do not try to read our hats....

My other favorite dining experience in Vegas was Tao. We had dined here when in New York, and it was the best food I have ever had. It called for a repeat trip this time, and it was even better then the first time!

I hated sushi till I tried this! Officially converted now
Crab Cakes, also delicious
and filet mignon! We even got to cook it ourselves

Another dining experience we had was at P.F Changs. We do not have it in Canada, and so we went for Lunch one day. It was really good, love eating there!

Our final dining experience in Vegas was at Margaritaville. This place is also one of my favorite in Vegas. We went for nachos and beer one afternoon. It was the perfect day to spend the last day in Vegas, sitting outside in the sun!

These nachos are huge, but so good! 4 of us tried to finish them, and we did not come even close.... I asked the serve if anyone ever had finished them, and his response was, "Most groups of 4 eat them all, I have seen a few 2's and 3's finish them all. Actually one time I see a single guy finish them, but he was high at the time, and well you know how that is!"

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