Monday, March 28, 2011

Times are a Changing!

We have been having a lot of changes happening around the house lately. Yes the snow is finally starting to melt, and spring cleaning has been happening, but we have also been seeing some new faces around the place.

Last May we had a 3rd roommate move into the house. I grew up with Kristen and danced with her for years, and Brett knew her through mutual friends (crazy how small this world is). We have had lots of fun having Kristen in the house. She is in her last month of medical school, and will be a full doctor in just a couple of weeks! It has been great having a resident doctor (literally) as both Brett and I are not so fond of hospitals....

As we spend the last month with Kristen in the house, we have welcomed a new roommate into our ever growing house. Brett's younger sister Jenna was selected to be part of the 2011 Edmonton Eskimos Cheer Team! Jenna is just finishing up her schooling in Red Deer, and is moving stuff into the house each week. Our basement is officially being transformed into a livable space not just storage...

Brett and I have been living vicariously through Jenna as she is pretty much a rock star now. The stories that she has from the cheer team already are pretty cool. Yesterday she had her first official photo shoot as an Esks girl!

Looking hot Jenna!

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