Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New York- Day 4

Day 5 in New York was maybe one of my favorites. It was a little bit more low key and not as busy as the other ones.

We started off by doing a little bit of shopping... or trying anyways. The stores in NYC do not open until noon on Sundays. I guess we should have double checked before heading out onto the streets.

We did however come across one store that was open... Kleinfelds!!
You may recall my love for the show Say Yes to The Dress. Well Kleinfelds is where it all takes place. Although we could not go into the store it was neat to see the place, and the window displays.
We then headed into Times Square to get some lunch. All week I had been wanting to go to ESPN Zone... so where do you think we ate lunch that day?

This place is filled with TV's and cool little sports pictures and art.
After lunch we headed to the TKTS office in Times Square to get tickets for a Broadway that night. This place offers discounted tickets for shows happening that day. We had a list of 3 shows that we wanted to see and we ended up getting our first pick!!

We went back to the apartment, got all dressed up and headed off to see, In The Heights.

This musical is really popular right now. Not only is the story great, and the acting and singing and dancing, but they have a higher profile actor in the lead role. His name is Corbin Bleu. He has acted in a few TV shows, as well as all 3 of the High School Musical movies. Paula Abdul is also joining the cast later this year.

This is as close to a celebrity sighting as we got in NYC

After the Musical, we headed to a little piano bar called Don't Tell Momma. It was a great place to spend a Sunday night.
We headed back to Times Square for one more picture before we said good-bye to the bright lights of NYC

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