Tuesday, May 4, 2010

136th Kentucky Derby

I love the Kentucky Derby. There is just something about that first Saturday in May that makes it feel like spring and the excitement of the summer is in the air.

I have a dream to get to the Kentucky Derby one day. I think it would be amazing to get all dressed up and wear a beautiful hat and stroll through the crowd and horses!

This year we thought about going to the Derby, but decided to go to New York instead. Did we ever make a good decision there! It poured the week before the Derby and the track was a mess. It definitely would have not been as much fun, but some people took full advantage of the weather!
And then there was the actual race. There was no real favorite this year, and with the track being sloppy it was wide open.

You sure can tell that this was the beginning of the race....And that this was the end of the race!

My dad always says that in horse racing it is all about the jockey and this race proved that. The jockey on the winning horse has won the Kentucky Derby the last 3/4 years! That is a pretty impressive feat.


Tiffany said...

Great blog, Stacy! The Derby is so on my bucket list---but I hear it's crazy expensive! I'm saving up though! :)

laura said...

Mine too! Ah, someday... Fast horses, classy outfits and big hats - life doesn't get any better!