Monday, May 3, 2010

Red Carpet Round-Up: 2010 MET Ball- Worst Dressed

So here are the 10 worst dressed of the night...

10. Malin Akerman- Temperly London
Malin was close to making it onto the oh so close list. Her make-up and hair are great, however the neck strap is really not working for me. Plus this dress is just to busy. It was a risk and it did not pay off.
9. Gwen Stefani- L.A.M.B
Gwen designed this dress from her own collection LAMB. Gwen stick to funky cool street wear. LAMB does not translate to the the red carpet. Your hair and make-up is flawless as usual though.

8. Gisele Bundchen- Alexander Wang
I would have liked this dress on Gisele if she lost the tassels. Plus her ponytail is a little messy. It should have be ultra sleek for this look. Definitely not her best MET outing.

7. Kristen Stewart- Chanel
I love Kristen's make-up, hair and attitude here. She finally is starting to look comfortable on the red carpet. I would have maybe liked this dress is the sheer skirt was the same satin as the dress. Plus the hem is a weird length.

6. Maggie Gyllenhaal- Louis Vuttion
Maggie has a really different sense of style from most Hollywood stars. I like the shape of this dress, however, it is the material that I am really not liking. Plus her hair looks like she got caught in a wind storm.

5. Christina Hendricks- L'Wren Scott
Dear Christina,
I know you recently got voted as one of the sexiest women alive. However, I do not need to see your breasts shoved in your face at every event you go to. PS. You have a gross purple fungus growing on your shoulder.
4. Rosario Dawson- Giambattisa Valli
Rosario's dress is cute, if you took off that terrible black band. Plus where the ruffles start makes you look like you have giant hips. Some large earrings would have been appreciated too.
3. Tina Fey- YSL
Oh Tina, you try so hard. I really like your hair and make-up on this occasion. However, a jump suit? Really? You are at the freaking MET Ball!! Lets try better next time!
2. M.I.A- Alexander Wang
MIA, you never seem to get it right. You look like a mess here, and I really do not like it. Although I have never liked anything you wear. Maybe time to get a stylist or fire the one you have.
1. Katy Perry- Cute Circuit
Last but definitely the worst Katy Perry. Katy really frustrates me as sometimes she is absolutely amazing! Oh this occasion, it is terrible. She decided to wear a dress with LED lights built in... Real grown up Katy. I hate this look, even without the LED lights it is still a mess. Thank god your hair and make-up look good. At least there is some part of you that is photographable.

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