Monday, May 10, 2010


Over the years we have had many dogs around the farm. Some have been most special then others, and others not so much!

Almost 2 years ago we got a female named Cass. She was 3 or 4 when we got her, trained, and ready to start producing puppies at our house!
No one really didn't like Cass when she showed up. She was tri-colored (brown, black and white) and the rest of our dogs were Black and White. She was a female, and the rest of the our dogs were males. She made mom really mad when she chewed on her brand new siding, and was not working great for dad as she had been abused before and extremely scared.
After a few months Cass became my dog when I was home on the weekends. I would take her out to work cows with me, and she would listen! She always came and greeted me at the car door when I got home on the weekends, and best of all she would play fetch! This winter her and I had fun playing hockey outside and her catching the pucks!

When I went home this weekend Cass did not come and greet me at the door. I couldn't find her anywhere on the farm. Dad then told me that he thought the Coyotes had killed her, as they had tried many times before (she liked to chase them away at night, and gets extremely outnumbered)

For now I will have to play with Kurt and Bud until I get a dog of my own.

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Crystal Young said...

I didn't know you and Cass were such buds. I always thought she was a pretty god. And she was a puppy reproducing machine!