Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stanley Cup Playoffs- Final Round

Ok so that time has come, the last round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

We have the Chicago Blackhawsks representing the west and the Philadelphia Flyers from the east.

It should be no surprise that I will be picking and cheering for the Blackhawks to win. They are my #2 team after all (Oilers are and always will be #1).

Although I am picking the Hawks to win, Philly does have a neat story of how they got to the Finals.
  • Won in OT to even make it to the playoffs
  • Won 4 games in a row in the 2nd round to knock off Boston. This is only the 3rd time in hockey that this has ever happened.
  • Defeated the other underdog Montreal in the 3rd round to advance to the Finals.
I think it should be a good series. I am predicting Chicago in 6 games. Good Luck Boys!!

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