Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time to Share #4

I know I have been behind on my blogging, but I have been extremely busy these last few weeks with lots of new projects. I will be sure to fill you in on them shortly.

This weeks Time to Share combines a few of my favorite things. Weddings, fashion, and one of my favorite TV shows- Say Yes to The Dress on TLC.

Kleinfeld's is one of the most famous bridal stores in the world, and has brides that come from every corner to find their dream wedding dress. Their dresses simply are stunning if you can afford the 3,000-30,000 price tags that hang on them!

The TV show Say Yes to The Dress profiles clients that come into the store, and their bridal consultants. It is really fun to watch the women try on different dresses and hear their stories.

This blog is all about Kleinfeld's and allows me to dream... Dad already told me that the most he would spend on a dress was $3000! Big mistake letting that go dad!

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Crystal Young said...

We get to spend $3,000 on a dress! I definitely find something for that one day. I figured we would be paying our way, all the way. And it must run in our blood because that is one of my favorite shows too!