Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome to Snobwood

This weekend we had a Murder Mystery party to celebrate my birthday! It was great to get everyone together and have a fun night.

The synopsis of the game was that someone was murdered at the country club that we all belonged to. It was up to us to find out who was the murder. The game was really fun and everyone got into it.Stacy "Ophelia- the assistant golf pro" and Pascale "Lucy- crazy niece"

Brett "Sandy- the amateur photographer" and Pascale

Quinn "Crissy- the super model", Brett and Pascal

Courtney "Ivana- Wealthy Socialite" and Sarah "Honey- Lady of the night"

Keith- "Tyler the playboy"

Dayton "Mow- the greens keeper"

Stacy and Chris "Hal- the head golf pro"

Jason "Chip- the Caddy"

Shaun "the business man"

Pascale and Quinn

Keith and Anna "Rosie- the waitress"

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