Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New York- Day 2

Day 2 in New York was pretty cool. We played tourists all day in the city, and learned how to ride the subway. It only took us about an hour to figure it out!

Once we got into the Financial District we headed straight for Ground Zero. It was really neat to see the new buildings going up, the plans for the space as well as pictures and i

Out side the church next door to the World Trade Centre. It was not damaged at all.

Model of what the new buildings will look like

This cross was found in the ruble. It now stands on the next block over

Our next stop on the tourist train was the Staten Island Ferry. We decided that we would not go to Ellis Island or to see the Statue of Liberty, but riding the ferry gave us a great view!
The third stop on the tourist train was to Wall Street. We went scouting for the bronze bull, NY Stock Exchange, and hot single extremely wealthy men!

After a long day of touring we thought we deserved a night out on the town. We decided to hit up The 40/40 club that is owned by Jay-Z. The manager really liked us so we got a full tour of the place, including all the VIP Rooms!
Chillin in Jay's favorite room. The game on the right is his favorite to play. He holds the 5 highest scores on it!

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crystal.cattle said...

Looks like this day was awesome. I love the bull picture. Especially, Quinn's. The picture of the statue of liberty is awesome too.