Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day at the Ball Park

On this trip to NYC we decided to do some new things and see some new part of the city. One thing that we really wanted to do was to go see a baseball game in Yankee Stadium. There was no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the summer. 

The stadium itself is pretty cool. It is not in the nicest part of town, and as you come out of the subway it just stands on its own. It is pretty neat. It is definitely not excessive or over the top, but every practical and easy to get around, especially for its size.

With so much tradition and heritage behind this team it was really cool to see them pay tribute to where they came from. They had everything from a dedication to the Steinbrenner's to a flag raised from each MLB team in the league.

The field is in perfect condition with Yankee symbols and tributes everywhere. The best part may be that all of seats in the stadium are padded, so no hard plastic seats to sit in for 4-5hrs.

And of course there was the game. With A-Rod out with an injury all eyes were on the captain of the team Derek Jeter. It was really cool to see him play, even if he did not have a terrific game.

I would highly suggest going to a MLB game. I am not a fan of baseball at all, and had a blast at the game. After all, who can complain about drinking beer, and fresh lemonade, with nachos and hot dogs on a summer day!

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