Friday, July 29, 2011

Hotel Tour: Night Hotel NYC

Well we have officially returned alive from NYC. I have lots of stories to share next week but I thought I would leave you with my hotel review. 

I love to stay in different hotels that are a little bit off the beaten trail, but still really cool and modern. This place seemed like the perfect location as it was just off Times Square, and was just a really neat boutique hotel.

The Night hotel is one block off Times Square and is a 9 floor hotel. The is a Starbucks just down the street, 2 Irish bars, and a few really nice looking restaurants on the street.

No matter where you stay in NYC the rooms are small. This place was no exception. After we did some furniture rearranging I was able to get my luggage down on the floor with a tiny walkway. Not to big of a hassle but a touch more room would have been great. I loved the decor in the room, and the lighting was great too. Notice how the bed was underlit!

The modern look of the hotel was carried throughout. I loved this cowhair couch that was in the lobby. Although it was well worn in now, it was really cool and I would love to have it in my house any day.

I would highly recommend this hotel for any trip to NYC. The staff was great, and the location was perfect. The only downfalls were a smaller room, but for how much time you are spending in the hotel, it was easily over looked!

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