Monday, August 29, 2011

Time For A Party

Everyone loves a good party. And there is no better reason to get people together than to celebrate an upcoming marriage and welcoming someone new into the family.

When Crystal and Jon got engaged the 2 questions that I got asked the most were: 1) how did he propose, and 2) what is he like?

With Jon and Crystal both living so far away, not many of our family members have actually been able to meet him before. With the exception of a few cousins that were at Agribition this past year when Jon came up to meet us, our extended family has just heard stories and seen a few pictures.

When the 2 of them got engaged we knew it was the perfect time to through a party and let everyone see what Crystal knew a long time ago... what a great guy Jon is!

Now every family likes to through parties. You may celebrate Christmas, a birthday, Mother's Day, the standard holidays. Being a Groeneveld, we don't just through parties, we have the best, more outrageous, extravagant, over the top parties. I am not sure of to many other families who will completely turn a calving barn into a Halloween wonderland, or that will have 75 people over for Christmas Eve, just so that we can all get together. Let's just say that things are never simple or boring.

The best ones at planning the family parties are definitely Heather and Kim. These ladies have so much creativity and style sense that whatever they work on turns out great. That is why I was not shocked at all when this little package showed up in the mail for Crystal and Jon's party!

I can only imagine what the rest will look like. Regardless, it's going to be a great time with family, friends, and a few cocktails!

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