Monday, August 8, 2011

Southern Elegance

Each year it seems like we have one animal on the farm that becomes our fun project. For the past 2 years that has been Revolution, but now that his show career is over, it was time to find one to replace him.

The project is usually one of the better animals on the farm. We usually show and possibly sell them in the fall, but they are just a fun animal to have around, as people like to talk about them, come and see them at the stall, and if you are selling them you hope that there is lots of interest from potential buyers.

This year we will have a few projects at the farm, but one in particular is close to my heart, as I own 1/2 of her and her mother.

Southern Elegance is the first calf of the purchase that we made last fall, Elegant Force. We bought her last fall out of the Louisville sale, and have loved her ever since getting her home. She is one only a handful of Steel Force cattle in Canada, and out of a really strong cow family.

When we bought her she was in calf with a heifer. We were really excited about this calf, not only because of her mother, but also because she would be one of only a few BRM Explorer calves born in Canada. We kept a pretty close eye on Elle as she was about to calf, and we can say that from the day that she did finally calf to now we have not be disappointed at all!

Now back to Southern Elle. We have decided that we will be showing her this fall, and have been asked a few times if she would be for sale. Until we decide where her future will be, she is going to be my project this fall!

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