Friday, August 19, 2011

#43- See Taylor Swift in Concert

Well last night I was able to cross of another item in my 101 in 1001 list! I have always wanted to see Taylor Swift in concert. I really like her music, and find her to be such a great performer and entertainer. There were some pretty high expectations for the concert last night, and boy she sure did not disappoint!

In most concerts there are a few costume changes, a light show, and that is about it, especially when it comes to country music. Last night there was all of that and so much more. Taylor did easily 5-10 costume changes, had multiple set changes, 2 stages, fireworks, a light show, aerial dancers, and regular dancers as well. Oh and she also flew overhead.

She is a true entertainer with the night being full of her telling her stories. It was very dramatic and theatrical, at some points in the night it looked like she was going to cry in a sad song, or was playing several characters during the show.

I would highly suggest going to see her. The place was filled with some any different types of people. Everyone from you little girls, to grandma and grandpa's. Taylor is a true singer and entertainer, and reminds me of a young Reba in her hay day!

Oh and did I mention that I got to touch her? Not bad for a Thursday night out...

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