Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 5 Looks- Jennifer Aniston

I think that it comes as no shock that I love fashion. Majority of the books, magazines, blogs, etc. that I read are about fashion, clothes, shoes, and the lives that come with all that. I have a few favorite people who I think are true fashionistas, and thought I would share some of their best looks.

Today we are starting with one of my all time favorites Jennifer Aniston.

#5. Short and Metallic.

Jennifer wore this dress to the 2006 Crystal and Lucy Awards. She always know how to show of her best assets, her legs, toned arms and that great smile!

#4. Neutrals.

 When Jennifer decides to but away the blacks, she can rock a neutral dress like none other. Always pairing them with great shoes, she know what works for her, and what looks best on her body.

 3. The Black Gown

You are never shocked when Jennifer steps out in a black gown at a major event. The one thing that she makes sure is that it is a great black gown. The perfect accessories and hair are matched to create these great looks.

#2. The Suit

I personally think that no one can rock a suit like Jennifer. Always perfectly tailored and confidence there is no going wrong here. She oozes with sex appeal.

#1. Everyday Street Wear


Jennifer can dress what ever she would like on the Red Carpet, but personally I think that she looks best in her street wear. Casual and comfortable is always key, but looking great is never sacrificed. Jeans and a t-shirt are staples. Add a great jacket, a scarf, purse and comfortable heels and this classic look is complete.

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