Monday, August 22, 2011

Canadian Derby 2011

The girls and I decided to head out to Northland Park and watch the Canadian Derby. I had went with the family a long time ago and we had a great time. So it was time to pick out a hat and go again.

We are a little slacking in the hat department, but Brett and Quinn picked these up just that morning! Not bad for some last minute shopping!

There was a huge crowd and some great hats, more on that later this week though. Although it is not quite the same caliber of horses and fashion that you see at the Kentucky Derby, it was still really fun to go and see it all.

I even did a little betting on the races. I won a whole $2.25 on the day, but it beats losing money!

Derby day 2011 was a success for sure. We are already planning on shopping for hats earlier this year and making a big splash next year!

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