Friday, August 26, 2011

The Passing of a Legend

Yesterday the cattle industry lost a great friend in Walk Browarny.

Our family got to know Walt as he was always the go to photographer for any cattle events we attended. You would always run into him at the picture backdrop after your class, or walking through the barn at the Calgary Stampede.

Over the years I have heard countless stories of Walt. I will always remember him as a extremely talented photographer, a true friend to the cattle industry, and a man that would sometimes be a bit grumpy but had a heart of gold underneath his tough skin.

Both Crystal and I had the opportunity to work with the Browarny crew at shows. I always enjoyed being able to work alongside Walt and learn. I can remember helping at 4-H on Parade one year. I had never photographed anything other then beef cattle, but we would get me to help with the horses, sheep, and dairy cattle, just so I could get the experience and learn. He was always patient and there to answer any questions I had.

Walt has taken thousands of beautiful photographs over the years. However, there are 2 that will always stick out in my mind. They may be old now, but they are just as meaningful and beautiful as they were when he took them.

Parisien, the first Simmental bull in Canada
An icon Walt Browarny photo of ranching in Alberta
This January I Am Angus did a feature video on Walt and his involvement at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. It really does capture Walt at his finest and doing what he loved the most.

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